Hollywood has a huge count of hot actors whom women from all around the world seem to be crushing on. However, when some sexy black men take the stage, it would take a tissue to wipe off all the sweat.

Most of these men have a strong voice and an amazing personality. Looks are not everything; it is how you carry yourself. This is what makes it even sexier. Here we have brought for you the top 10 sexy black men of the year; beware of instantly crushing on them!

Top 10 Sexy Black Men of 2021

Sexy black men have attracted the attention of many individuals all over the world. And after lots of effort, we have listed the top 10 black sexy men of 2021. Have a look!

1. Michael B. Jordan

Michael Bakari Jordan grabs the crown and tops the list of top black sexy men. He is an American actor and film producer. He is popular for his roles in Black Panther, Creed, and Fruitvale Station. 

This California-born man is a handsome hunk and is known for his smile strike, which presumably showcases his pearl white teeth and killer dimples. Not only as a black man, but he is also considered to be the sexiest man alive

2. Jordan Calloway

Next to Michael, grabbing the second position on this list is Jordan Calloway. Being an American actor, he is popularly known for his role in the Nickelodeon series Unfabulous. He has also starred in Riverdale, Black Lightning, and Countdown.  

He is known for his sexy attitude and the way he carries himself. Added to that is his mind-blowing physique, which puts him second on the list for sexy black men. Jordan is the son of cinematographer Joseph Calloway and actress Tony Calloway.

3. Charles Michael Davis

Charles Michael Davis is an Ohio-born model, actor, producer, and photographer. He kickstarted his career at the talent agency AMTC. He did some modeling and print commercials through a phase of his career.

He is popularly known for starring in the CW Tv Show, ‘The Originals.’ He made his way into the list of top sexy black men for his uncomparable smile and his smartness, which he carries on and off the television.  

4. Rome Flynn

Rome Flynn is a young American model, actor come musician. He has made his mark in movies such as How to Get Away With Murder, A Madea Family Funeral, and A Christmas Duet. 

However, he is most popularly known for his role in the CBS series, ‘The Bold and Beautiful.’ He is an absolute heartthrob and has been making fans go crazy over his social media workout videos. 

5. Jesse Williams

Jesse Wesely Williams is an actor, director, and producer who was formerly an activist and a school teacher.  However, his passion drove him to where he is today. He has been eye candy for women across the world. 

He is most popularly known for his roles in Grey’s Anatomy, Cabin In The Woods, The Butler, and Band-Aid. You can only imagine such a hot man being a school teacher. With the traits of a model, his political awareness is also why people find him among the top sexy black men. 

6. Titus Makin Jr.

Hawai born actor and dancer Titus has been one of the most entertaining faces of the year. He got into the show business at a very early age and now has made his way into television shows such as Glee and ABC Family Originals, ‘A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song.”

His charm, versatility, and energy are what brings him into the list of the Top Sexy Black Men of the year 2021. 

7. Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua is a 26 years old British boxing champ who has made his way over Idris Elba to be listed as one of the top sexy black men of the year. The boy from Watford has achieved some of the biggest heavyweight titles such as WBA, IBF, and WBO. 

The reason behind him being on this list is because the man is 6 feet tall, with humongous muscles and an even prettier smile. Well, for some, he is the only reason to watch boxing. 

8. Kendrick Sampson

Kendrick Smith Sampson grabs the eighth position on this list of the sexiest black men. He is a Texas-born actor and most popularly known for his role in HBO’s Insecure. He has also starred in Vampire Diaries, How To Get Away With Murder, and The Flash. 

The handsome hunk has been called a ‘snack’ by many. His humor and his political awareness are what make women go all gaga over him.

9. Scott Evans

Considered as one of the hottest in the industry, Scott Evans is an American journalist and tv personality. Although he worked as an anchor for Channel One News in his early career, he is most popularly known for co-anchoring the Access Hollywood Show. 

The man from Indianapolis has made his way into the list of top sexy black men for his charming and funny personality. And talking about his physique, it is sexier than you can even imagine. 

10. Mahershala Ali

One of the most-demanded in Hollywood is the American actor Mahershala Ali. He has not only made his way onto this list of sexy black men but has also grabbed several awards like Oscars, BAFTA, Golden Globe, and Academy. 

Due to his versatile background in films, theatres, and television, he is considered to be one of the most influential people in the industry. He has starred in some of the best movies and tv shows such as Moonlight, Green Book, House of Cards, and True Detective.  

Final Thoughts

So now that you already know about all those who list on the Top 10 Sexy Black Men of the year, it is your turn to watch out for and admire them. Their charismatic presence and gentleness are what make them so much more attractive.

Well, while you decide which one of them to crush on, I would suggest you follow them all. Because each of these men has their own talents, special traits, and none can be compared. They all deserve the best!  

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