World history enumerates thousands of wars, tragedies, and collapses. However, if we talk about some scaled mishaps, the first which comes to mind is the Chernobyl disaster that occurred almost 35 years ago.

We still remember the consequences of this terrible incident and honor those who have successfully liquidated the catastrophe.

Even 35 years past, people don’t stop coming to the Exclusion Zone on Chernobyl tours to plunge into the atmosphere of the place. The largest nuclear catastrophe took place.

What are the repercussions of this tragedy?

Are Chernobyl tours safe today?

What can you know from the trip to the Exclusion Zone?

All of this you will find in this material.

The First Days After The Explosion:

Early in the morning of April 27, a day later than it should have been, the evacuation of Pripyat’s residents started. People were forced to leave their pets, homes, documents and favorite things.

In fact, authorities promised to return them home in some time. A few hours before that, the first batch of the victims of the liquidation of the accident. 28 people who received the highest doses of radiation - were transported from the local hospital to Moscow.

Despite the doctors' best efforts, almost all of them died. During tours to Chernobyl Disaster you will be able to see the rest of the homes. Where once thousands of people hoped to live happy lives.

In the first weeks after the accident, the radiation situation was very tense. Few people could give an accurate assessment of the catastrophe that occurred and the threats that it could pose to people and the environment.

In a number of regions, the dose rates reached hundreds of micro roentgen per hour. And often exceeded 1 milliroentgen per hour (the permissible indicator was exceeded more than 1000 times). The guides of Chernobyl tours from Kiev will tell you about the scales of the accident in reality!

Who Had To Liquidate The Catastrophe?

Chernobyl tours are worth visiting just to honor the heroes, who could save the whole European continent from contamination as well as all repupbicls of the USSR. Directly during the accident, over 300 of the station’s employees and firefighters suffered from the acute radiation exposure. The most severely injured, actually 31 people, couldn’t have been saved.

More than 600 thousand people were involved in emergency work in the period from 1986 to 1992. Citizens of the USSR were involved in the work to eliminate the repercussions of the blast. Any of them came as volunteers.

A lot of those who sacrificed their lives to liquidate the incident died during the first 3 months after the explosion, others became disabled.

This terrible catastrophe took away the lives and health of many people who entered an unequal battle with a nuclear power and human mistakes and defeated it. Come and feel the spirit of this hard victory with tours to Chernobyl Disaster!

The Consequences Of The Accident: Are Chernobyl Tours Safe?

Before taking Chernobyl tours from Kiev, check out the scales of the catastrophe:

  • In fact, 190 tons of radioactive materials were blown out into the atmosphere after the accident Then dangerous substances continued to pollute the environment during fire, that lasted almost two weeks.
  • The tragedy is regarded as the largest of its kind in the entire history of nuclear energy, due to human losses, and economic and ecologic damage.
  • Pripyat and Chernobyl cities are listed as towns with no population.
  • There has been developed the Exclusion Zone - 30 kilometers from the epicenter of the explosion, which is controlled by law enforcement agencies.
  • As for the numbers, more than 200 0000 square km have been contaminated. About 70% - on the north territory of Ukraine, including some parts of Belarus and Russia.
  • Radioactive substances were also spread on the soil and forests due to rain.

Luckily, Chernobyl’s nature has already started the process of revival and today there is an awesome opportunity to go on Chernobyl tours and discover the secret parts of one of the most majestic places on Earth!

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