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What’s on the Verge in the world of Cloud Computing?

author-img By Ayda 5 Mins Read December 29, 2017 Last Updated on: February 22nd, 2020

Cloud Computing

As we near the end of 2017, tech experts are coming up with new predictions surrounding cloud hosting. Debates are on what the technology caters today and where will it be tomorrow along with many unexpected trends enough to give you an adrenaline rush. More and more businesses nowadays are moving to the cloud-based platform allowing them to achieve the impossible.

During the last few years, there’ve been tremendous changes in the use of cloud infrastructure and applications with businesses planning ahead on how to exploit it for coming times. So, to ensure you keep up with the pace, take a look at current trends and how they define the face of the industry!

Microsoft Azure keeps ascending

So far, the three key players in cloud hosting sphere are Amazon, Google and Microsoft to cater Azure as an operational platform. The computing giants have developed such as infrastructure allowing business software better visibility, availability and run on a much higher scale without any hassle of data centre maintenance or the arduous procedure of creating a full-scale dedicated infrastructure.

For years, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been a game-changer when it comes to the world of development platform being a pioneer to offer IaaS, SaaS and PaaS capabilities with Azure by Microsoft catching up pretty fast.

Deployment of applications globally across the data centres managed by data centres with 99.5 percent uptime is possible with Azure. It’s easy to start with since apps can be developed using various technologies such as PHP, ASP.net, Node.js and so on with Apache Tomcat servers, the JVMs and SQL Azure database services for hosting.

When comparing both, Azure still falls second to the AWS in terms of market share and revenue but there’ve been speculations of it pacing up rapidly and would sweep the market with twice the speed.

Cloud brokerages are the mainstream

Perhaps, the biggest of all enterprise trends is hybrid cloud computing; more and more companies every day are adapting the model to deploy a novel application without compromising the existing applications. The environment is raising competition to a new level with many new opportunities for legacy vendors; most claim to step into the ground as cloud brokers.

In other words, these vendors also offer value-added services to assist companies to choose the perfect location for deployment and design of the application. This is to continue operating in such an environment where managing cloud-based applications and multiple locations are possible. Most cloud hosting services or vendors would simply add to their existing consultancy services to cope with the new environment, ensuring smooth operations.

Focus shifts from infrastructure to applications

For the last few years, most of the debate surrounding the cloud dwells around the infrastructure aspects. So what’s it going to be; public, private or hybrid? Nowadays, IT departments realised that any attempt to compete against the infrastructure offerings based on the major cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and many others is simply fruitless.

Resources this way are better spent in development and deployment of applications. The real question now is to determine the best and fastest infrastructure before diverting the entire focus on app development.

Security remains a concern

Although most of the concerns dwindling cloud’s reliability and interoperability have been diminished throughout the years, there still remains a few about the safety and security of enterprise-based technology.

In-fact, security continues to be one of the biggest barriers to cloud adoption due to privacy, complexity, regulatory compliance, contracts and services issues. Steps have been taken to remove the existing concerns so that businesses can move to the platform hassle-free, all that’s required is the careful understanding of how the system works.


Cloud hosting technology isn’t entirely new but there’s still a lot to learn about it. The landscape that is today will be entirely changed tomorrow due to rapid advancement in the field of IT. This is challenging but mastering the concept would only give businesses a competitive edge.

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