According to the sources, Ireland is the location for the upcoming second season of the Netflix popular series “Wednesday.” Deadline reports that the Addams Family offshoot will happen in a completely new location as the production will start in April.

Jenna Ortega, the protagonist of the popular series “Wednesday,” will also continue as Wednesday Adams in the second season. The first season was shot in Romania from September 2021 to 2022.

The series Wednesday is a coming-of-age horror comedy released in November 2022 with an immense global success. It created significant awareness in the television series, thus boosting tourism in Romania. The country became a major tourist attraction even with places such as Balkan locations!

There were issues with the logistics of the shooting at Balkan, and it was during that time that it was decided that the second season would be shot somewhere else. As the series was renewed in January, the decision to shoot in Ireland was later finalized.

Wednesday, the series belongs to MGM Television, who tried to find diverse locations to shoot their series. Amazon Studios, their sibling, used different locations for their series, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 1.

They moved the shooting from New Zealand to the UK, considering it covered a vast period and different elements of nature. The shift of shooting of the series, Wednesday has been decided by the director and executive producer Tim Burton and the creators, Miles Millar and Al Gough.

The Addams family members will be further explored in season 2. The plot is largely based on horror along with teen romance. It is one of the priority-based series for Netflix, especially post-strike for actors and writers.

The show has acquired a lot of views as it is ranked as one of the top 10 for Netflix’s Top 10 most popular English-language series. Apart from Jenna Ortega, other actors in this series are Emma Myers, Christina Ricci, Hunter Doohan, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Percy Hynes White, and others.

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