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Mexico City Ditches Monetary Fines for Speeding

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023


Visiting Mexico during the winter has become a pretty common holiday idea, especially for people who live close to the border. A lot of people also choose to drive there, as it can be cheaper and quicker than flying. What’s more, it gives you a lot more freedom when you want to travel around.

Experts at Oscar Padilla Mexican Insurance know that there are numerous advantages of driving into Mexico, and there might be another one on the horizon very soon.

Mexico City Changes Speeding Ticketing System:

As of December 2018, cars in Mexico’s capital, Mexico City will no longer pay fines for speeding within the city limits. The new government of Mexico City with took office in December as well decided to go through with this new project in order to prevent people from speeding to fool the speed cameras.

Even though the cameras will still be there and recording the speed, reckless drivers will no longer get be speeding fines to their home addresses. Instead, there are other kinds of punishments envisioned by the government.

Point System:

Mexico City authorities have opted for a point system where each car is assigned 10 points and each infarction can cost you a point or more.

Speeding is, however, not the only thing covered by the point system. Texting while driving, another common problem is also included in this system, as is, strangely enough, drunk driving.

Some less serious and problematic behaviors such as double-parking are also included, which will hopefully deter the would-be perpetrators.

What Happens When You Lose Points:

Well, initially nothing happens. You can freely lose two points and expect no consequences, a kind of a free pass.

However, if you lose another point, an automated system will detect that you have lost three points and you will be forced to complete a relatively simple online course about road safety.

Losing another point means that you will have to complete another online traffic safety course, with increased difficulty.

If you lose a total of 5 points, drivers will have to complete another course about road safety, but this time, in person, rather than online.

Losing More Than 5 Points:

Everything up to the 5 point mark is a warning period with no real consequences. However, if the driver persists and continues making traffic infractions, they will start facing some more tangible penalties.

For every subsequent point lost, the driver will be required to do two hours of community service. With 5 points remaining, that’s a total of 10 hours of community service for reckless drivers, but no monetary fines.

Mexico City’s government chose this method because they know that many wealthy Mexicans value their time much more than the money they would pay as a speeding fine.

How Is It Enforced:

If there is no monetary fine or another kind of compulsion for drivers to follow these rules, you might be wondering what makes the government sure that people will comply.

It is simple, really. If you don’t follow the rules, you won’t be able to register your vehicle, and drivers in Mexico need to have inspections twice a year. If you lose all ten points and you don’t follow the rules, you won’t be able to have your car road legal.

The Program Works for Mexico City Residents

If you are driving your car into Mexico, you should be aware that this program is only applicable to legal residents of Mexico City, whereas everyone else still needs to pay fines.

However, if the program is successful, perhaps it will be expanded to all cars in Mexico City, or the entirety of Mexico.

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