Billy and Jane Kimmel, Jimmy Kimmel's children, were surprised to find Olivia Rodrigo joining them on their way to school! The taped session included the popular singer Olivia Rodrigo hitching a ride with the Kimmel family.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live Show was a recorded segment where Jimmy Kimmel was accompanied by their wife, Molly McNearney, and his two children, William John "Billy," aged six, and Jane 9.

The clip was released on 24 October, where Jimmy Kimmel and his better half, his wife, were sitting in the front. The children, Billy and Jane, were on their way to school, sitting in the back seat and discussing how they disliked going to school.

The older sibling, Jane, is a stellar father who "doesn't like school" after harassing the children if they are ready to learn new things. While on their way, Kimmel asked the children if a hitchhiker was coming and if they should pick her up.

The singer of the "drivers' License" song was spotted standing on the road wearing a lilac sweater and black shorts. She even had her thumb out like she was asking for a lift! The hitchhiker was Olivia Rodrigo, and Kimmel's nine-year-old daughter was completely shocked!

His son Billy was shy and smiley, but Jane was in complete awe as she said, "OMG! Billy, It's Olivia Rodrigo!" She was stunned by the appearance of the popular singer inside their car and covered her face with her hands the entire time.

When Olivia introduced herself to Jane, she replied with her hand on her mouth, "I know"! The clip sent the audience into splits! On the other hand, Billy was quite excited, as he indicated with his thumbs up when Jimmy asked what he thought about this. Rodrigo's "get him back" songs did the magic for him. Kimmel also said that his better half was a huge fan of Rodrigo. The kids have got a sense of humor as they had fun and enjoyed themselves throughout the journey!

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