Guardians Of The Galaxy 3: The Shocking Departures Revealed!

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who dies in guardians of the galaxy 3

Are you a Marvel Fan? Have you seen the recent Guardian of the Galaxy Volume 3? It is completely normal to know who dies in Guardians of the Galaxy 3, especially because the Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for its rollercoaster journey through its stories. I feel there have been several animations used in the movie and it is a treat to watch!

The filmmaking process is an art, and Marvel Studios has mastered it! Of course, President Kevin Feige has a lot to do with how the MCU turned out, bringing in big casts and larger-than-life stories. Guardian of the Galaxy Vol 3 is one such story that follows the journey of Starlord!

In this blog, I will talk about the deaths in the third film of the Guardian of the Galaxy franchise and how it impacted the whole MCU. There were expectations of the end of some of the main characters, so I address that in the blog. But you have to read it to know it!

Guardians Of The Galaxy 3: The Shocking Departures Revealed!

Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 The Shocking Departures Revealed
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This franchise’s story started in 2014 as Peter Quill, now known as Starlord, was hunted down for stealing! He is then joined by a bunch of other criminals who are running away from their fates. They easily become a disorganized but perfect group, including Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Mantis, Gamora, and Drax the Destroyer.

Now we discuss how the third movie brings more to the overall storyline and the development of the characters on the bigger picture. If you haven’t watched the movie, this is a warning that there will be spoilers. Be prepared! Keep reading about who dies in guardians of the galaxy vol. 3!

Yes, the movie’s trailer was a little manipulative because, several times, some of the main characters were shown to die! However, in the end it was concluded that we haven’t lost any of the main characters even though they came close to death a few times.

Read along to know who we lost and how this movie was a farewell to the cast in some ways. While some unexpected strings were attached to the plot, we will learn that there were underlying reasons for them. And when we talk about action, do not forget the John Wick franchise!

Plot Of Guardian Of The Galaxy Volume 3!

Plot Of Guardian Of The Galaxy Volume 3
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The story starts with the emotional trauma that Peter Quill experienced from the loss of Gamora, and now he is rallying his team to fight a mission and defend the universe. The trailer created a misdirection by hinting that we might lose one of the characters, be it Drax or Rocket Racoon!

However, that was not the case! The tragedies in Avengers: Infinity War have impacted Peter Quill severely, but he comes out of the devastation to perform one life-and-death mission. The space defenders have taken on too much on their plate, and soon, their dark past seems to catch up!

The challenges the High Evolutionary and their scientists developed needed to be easier. However, they managed. The near-death experiences of Rocket and Peter Quill were emotional, but overall, it was a good storyline that took the characters’ stories forward.

At times, Peter Quill reminds me of Indiana Jones? Have you seen movies from the Indiana Jones franchise? Give it go guys! You will love it!

Who We Lost In Guardian Of The Galaxy Volume 3?

Who We Lost In Guardian Of The Galaxy Volume 3
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Even though there were rumors, none of the main cast of the Guardian of the Galaxy Volume 3 were killed! Of course, the team disbanded, and everyone had a significant role in the future; we did not lose anyone! Frankly, my heart cannot take another death in the MCU after Chadwick Boseman, even on screen!

The deaths that will be remembered apart from the henchmen and henchwomen in the movie are of Lylla, Teefs, Floor, and Ayesha. The High Evolutionary is suspected to be dead, but neither Rocket has shot him nor has he been shown in the movie to be dead.

Lylla was Rocket’s love and was an integral reason why Rocket is the way he is! He lost her to death when they were a part of Batch 89, trying to escape imprisonment. We see her when Rocket is closer to the end and sees her and his two best friends, Teefs and Floor.

Even though they were the comic relief, their death was quite sad and meant a lot for Rocket! Apart from these characters, a negative character of the movie, played by Elizabeth Debicki as Ayesha, was killed off when the base and the planet of the High Evolutionary were destroyed.

Main Casts At End…

Main Casts At End
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There have been hints that the Starlord, Peter Quill, might return if the MCU ever needs him! In this movie, however, he reunites with his family as he returns to Earth with his Grandfather. He finally meets his family and feels he can find himself in them.

Gamora is from another universe, so she and Peter cannot rekindle their love; however, there are underlying feelings. However, the movie needs to go into detail; instead, she takes the vacant position of Yondu. Well if you ask me, she is the complete opposite of Barbie, you guys!

As a person, she grows considerably because, without her memories, she has been a shell of a person. Still, her character has shown considerable development and growth as the movie progresses. She was able to create bonds with the team again, not like her previous version, but something new and good!

Mantis sets off on her path and is ready to follow her personal goals now that she has grown more confident. Drax also takes on the responsibility of building a new society where imprisoned animals and kids will be cared for.

Nebula helps him in this project, showing their ability to be empathetic, connect with others, and show kindness. A lot of speculation has been going around that this might be the retiring role for Dave Bautista.

Rocket plays a significant role in this movie as he proves himself as the captain, making decisions and representing what is right. If you are still wondering, does rocket die in guardians of the galaxy 3? Nope! Groot finally says, “I love you guys,” which is a representation of his “I am Groot,” which is now understood by the audience.

Fates Of The Characters…

So now that you know none of the main characters die in the movie Guardian of the Galaxy Vol 3, you can release that breath you were holding. If you have read this blog, I am sure you now know the answer to who dies in Guardians of the Galaxy 3!

I wonder why the characters were not killed even when it was the franchise’s last movie, maybe because they might come back someday!

Comment on your favorite character in all of MCU and if you want me to write about them!

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