The Ever-Green Doll: How Old Is Barbie, Really?

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how old is barbie

Were you filled with nostalgia and melancholia after watching the movie Barbie? Did you know how old is Barbie? Sometimes, I feel Barbie is the James Bond of the toy industry, beautiful and lethal! Their name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, and she has lived several lives.

Women worldwide now relate to Barbie more than when she was first launched. Different iterations of Barbie in the form of a glamorous girl, an athlete, a presidential candidate, and an astronaut have all been created; however, it took 20 years to come up to where she is today, the true representation of women!

It was in 1980 that the first Latina and Black Barbies were introduced to the world, while previously, one of Barbie’s friends was created who was black! This shows how it took a doll several years before it was acceptable to people of different roles and ethnicities.

The Ever-Green Doll: How Old Is Barbie?

The Ever-Green Doll Barbie
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The inception of the doll was controversial initially, especially when it was quite clear that the focus was on body proportions and clothing. Considering the beauty was inspired by the image of a sex doll. Initially, people were worried about its impact on the children.

In the Barbie World, materialism has been entertained through clothes, houses, and cars. Research in Finland informed that Barbie, as a real human, would not survive, especially when she doesn’t have enough body fat to menstruate. This led to changes made by the production.

However, it was much later that Barbie was given credit for not being restrictive towards gender roles, along with presenting financial stability for a woman integrating career paraphernalia. So the curiosity is genuine, how old is Barbie?

With the release of the movie Barbie, the popularity and intellectual perspective of the doll have gone to a different level! Barbie dolls sporting hijabs show the integration of religion and ethnicity! A work of art, Barbie is not just a doll; it is an emotion.

Origin Of Barbie

Origin Of Barbie
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A toy company, Mattel, has created Barbie, and now they are a giant in this industry! Barbie is not just a toy; it is more of a symbolization of how impactful the doll industry is. Mattel is known for creating Polly Pocket dolls and the popular American Girl.

So, when is Barbie’s birthday? It was on 9 March 1959 that the first Barbie was released! Over the years, a boyfriend doll has also been released, Ken, a best friend called Midge, and several others. Mattel, the doll company, was founded by Elliot and Ruth Handler.

Ruth Handler, who was the co-founder and also the wife of Elliot, was the principal architect in the doll’s campaign. She got the inspiration for Barbie when she saw her daughter, Barbara, playing with paper dolls who represented adult women! Now we know where the name came from!

The idea that a doll could resemble an adult woman instead of the quintessential baby or little cute girl was most common. However, the concept of Barbie came like a breath of fresh air in the industry.

How Old Is Barbie?

Barbie Age
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Barbie is 64 years old if you calculate the year of her release, as she was first introduced in 1959. When she was released, her age was 19, so the makers did not exactly aim for Barbie to look like a child, nor was she planned as a doll that would age with time! So the dolls all look young!

The image of Barbie was created based on an image of Bild Lilli, who was marketed as a sex symbol inspired by a German comic strip! However, later, the character became popular with children. Thus, Barbie was made with the likeness of this doll.

The first Barbie wore a strapless striped swimsuit with a set of gold hoops and a perky blonde ponytail! There is also an American web series inclusive of CGI-animated shorts, namely Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse!

Wonder how old is Barbie in the Dreamhouse? The doll’s age has fluctuated as she is shown in older characters in the show instead of her original age, 19! In the series, she has three sisters; Skipper, Chelsea, and Stacie.

What Goes Behind The Scene For The Creation Of Barbie?

What Goes Behind The Scene For The Creation Of Barbie
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Do you ever wonder who finalizes the look of each Barbie and how each signature look takes so much time and dedication to create? I do think about how Mattel decides on the most popular look that they give to Barbie! You will be shocked to know that at least 100 people are involved in this process.

In the 2009 Forbes interview, the senior vice president of Barbie design at Mattel, Evelyn Viohl, confirmed the same. Sewists, makeup and hair stylists, pattern makers, designers, and others are involved in creating the look. It takes about 18 months to develop a single Barbie, both theoretically and practically.

Trust me when I say that Barbie fashion houses are nothing different than all the major fashion houses in the world, especially with the release of the vacation, summer, and winter collections annually. Multiple looks are part of the collection, which are proposed by the marketing team of the company.

With the development of the marketing industry, these collections do involve cross-brand collaboration along with promotional events and advertisements. Barbie has become fashion-focused and is trying to ace the toy industry!

The Future Of Barbie!

The Future Of Barbie
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The Barbie franchise has become a significant industry of its creating employment across the world. When you consider the way the doll is packaged, you realize the amount of hard work that the makers put into making the beauty.

The ultimate American girl might be the first marketing venture of the brand, but when you question how tall is Barbie? I have to answer like she was a real woman, standing at 5′ 9 height based on her 11.5 inches length. Barbie has become diverse and inclusive, even though it does symbolize consumer capitalism.

With key marketing strategies, the flagship stores have created their trends as they own a six-floor flagship Barbie store! You will find a design studio, a spa, and a cafe offering products that market and promote Barbie-related products and services.

The Beauty Never Ages…

Now that you know how old is Barbie, the ageless beauty, do you wonder how similar she is to you as an individual? Bound with society’s expectations, along with working hard to create a name for herself! Success is a part of her celebrity status, but she wonders what being a real woman is like.

For little girls playing with Barbie, it is more of an inspiration than a status symbol, and in this world, they need to learn how to take care of themselves just like Barbara!

Comment on what you think is the most apt profession for Barbie.

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