Selena Gomez Movies Proves She Is The Jack Of All Trades!

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selena gomez movies

Wondering about Selena Gomez movies? Do you only know her from her music? Then you definitely need to go out more! The beautiful American singer and actor has many successful television series and movies under her belt.

In this article, I will discuss her early years along with how she has effectively proved her mettle as an actress. I know you have heard the songs, “Come & Get it”, “Calm Down” and others and your mind has blown away!

yet… Trust me when I tell you there is so much more you are missing if you haven’t seen her act! Read the article to know a little bit more about the movies if you think you might be wasting time instead take time to read about her roles and decide what you want to do. Want to know who is Selena Gomez dating?

Biography Of Selena Gomez

Selena was born on 22 July 1992 to Mandy Teefey and Ricardo Joel Gomez! Currently she is a successful singer, actress, businesswoman and a producer! However, when she started she was a part of the band known as Selena Gomez and the scene.

She has been in the limelight due to her relationships, one with Justin Beiber was the most stormy one! However, she is a strong woman in her own right and has inspired millions of little girls across the world.

Selena Gomez Movies Proves She Is The Jack Of All Trades!

Being the most followed woman on Instagram does take a lot and Selena Gomez is totally proving it! After her career started with the Disney Channel, she worked with another hit show from 2007 to 2012 called the Wizard of Waverly Place.

There have been several Selena Gomez Disney movies including her first television series Barney & Friends. After that the actor went on to create a successful music career with multiple albums and singles! Fans absolutely adore her and keep wanting more of her!

Can you imagine Selena Gomez net worth to be $95 million? Read along to know more about some of the best movies and TV shows she appeared in!

A List Of The Best Selena Gomez Movies And Shows!

Give a read to some of the best rated and performing movies and TV shows of Selena Gomez now that you know she is equally talented in acting skills apart from her music. She has been involved in many successful businesses along with owning multiple businesses.

Now apart from creating and producing music, she is also producing movies. Which again earns her a lot of moolah! A strong business woman we have got here ladies! Let’s keep getting inspired from this queen!

Only Murderer’s In The Building (2021 – continues)

This is a show that Selena is currently acting in and trust me when I tell you, she has got some serious acting juice! After all the show has won an Emmy so yes, if you haven’t yet started watching the show, please do. IMFb has scored 8.1/10!

Her character Mabel Mora lives in an apartment in the Upper West Side of New York! Along with her character, two other strangers Charles-Haden Savage and Oliver Putnam potrayed by Steve Martin and Martin Short respectively live in the same apartment where a gruesome death takes place.

The three love true-crime podcasts and end up getting invested in the investigation of the death which they suspect is a murder. It is a comedy series with some spledid acting while Gomez is an executive producer of the show apart from acting in it.

Rudderless (2014)

The movie is a darker drama with a twist that is completely unexpected! A grieving father Sam potrayed by Billy Crudup performs a song which he found in a box of his late son’s demo tapes.

He performs the song written and composed by his son at an open mic which leads him to explore new opportunities. An audience member, Quentin, portrayed by Anton Yelchin, sees potential in Sam’s performance and tells him to create more music.

This gives hope to the father who then creates a band to find peace in the loss of his son! Gomez plays the girlfriend of the late son and has creatively performed an intriguing role. IMFb has scored 7.4/10!

The Fundamentals Of Caring (2016)

The movie is about hope, family and friendship and Selena has portrayed the role of a hitchhiker called Dot. The story revolves around Ben portrayed by Paul Rudd and Trevor portrayed by Craig Roberts.

Trevor is a disabled teen while Ben becomes his caregiver while grieving his own son’s death and an impending divorce with his wife! They meet Dot on a road trip that they plan together impulsively and on the journey, bond. IMFb has scored 7.3/10!

Hotel Transylvania (2012)

This is one of the first few comedy genre movies that actually showed the potential that Gomez had as an actor! In the movie, Hotel Transylvania, Selena portrays the role of the daughter of Count Dracula, Mavis.

The plot revolves around the hotel designed by Count Dracula (Adam Sandler) for monsters who want to save human civilization. The five-star resort does not allow any humans however, one human called Jonathan portrayed by Andy Samberg stumbles across the hotel, there is complete chaos.

Selena’s character is a 118 year old vampire who is kind-hearted, curious and wishes to explore the outside world. She wants to learn more about the humans leading to her falling in love with Mavis. IMFb has scored 7/10!

Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015)

The second movie of the franchise is also quite popular and Selena has got accolades for the voice over she has given to the character of Mavis. The plot of this movie starts from the relationship between Mavis and Jonathan, which has now progressed to them being married and having a baby.

Her role is a little less in the movie as she and Travis go on a trip to understand whether moving away from Transylvania is a better option while Dracyla can’t see them go! She has portrayed the role beautifully with the IMFb score of the movie at 6.6/10!

A Rainy Day In New York (2019)

The movie mostly focuses on the protagonist of the movie, Timothee Chalamet, portraying the character of Gatsby Welles. The role of Selena is quite small in the movie but it is quite impactful as they get involved.

After they had to participate in a kiss scene for his film student friend’s project, they had to kiss for a scene. This brings on some changes in the protagonist! Check this movie out as it has scored 6.5 out of 10 on IMDb!

Finishing Off…

Finally, you have read about some of the movies and TV shows done by Selena Gomez, you can imagine how smart and intelligent she is! No wonder Selena Gomez movies are performing so well so you should check these movies out if you haven’t already!

Furthermore, you cannot mention the music the beauty has created thus, becoming the jack of all trade.

Comment on which one is your favorite movie or show which has Selena Gomez in it!

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