One of the best-kept secrets of the digital marketing industry is white label services. These services use expert knowledge to create and speed up the growth of their client's brand by tackling outsourced work - while the core marketing agency (white label service client) handles the everyday needs of their clients.

With the rapid advancement of digital marketing strategies and technologies, white label services exist to keep their clients up to date.

What is a white-label service?

White label and private label are terms that are used interchangeably. A white label happens when a business removes its logo and brand from a service or products and uses the brand of the purchaser instead.

Businesses, especially small businesses that have limited resources, money and time go with white label services because it provides greater opportunities for them to compete with bigger brands in their industry. This happens because white label services help businesses expand their value offering to their clients - without having to physically develop services or products themselves.

How does private label work in digital marketing?

When you engage the services of a private label provider, they offer various services on your behalf to your client. Some of the services that white label digital marketing companies offer include reputation management, social media marketing (SMM). It also includes pay-per-click management (PPC/SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), and so on.

Some private label companies only do the back-end work and have you act as an intermediary between your customers and them. However, some firms offer a more forward-facing model - where your customers can directly interact with the professional working on their campaigns.

White label opportunities for enterprise


A lot of enterprise marketing service providers specialize in specific key areas and dominate their niche. These companies can use their massive client base and authority to upsell clients with additional solutions that will help increase revenue and client retention.

Listed below are some white label opportunities for enterprise firms to explore:

White label listing and reputation management:

Reputation management and white label listing are services that are often undervalued and aren't quite as prominent in terms of SMB ad spend.

White label web hosting:

Web hosting is a service to add to an enterprise portfolio web solution - it is a foundational piece of business marketing strategy and it's hands-off.

White label agency services:

This is a comprehensive stack of services such as website design, social media posting, campaign management, and so on. A white label team handles fulfillment on your behalf. This is a great option for enterprise firms as new solutions can be added without over tasking your in-house fulfillment team.

What are the benefits of white labeling?

White labeling provides you with the expertise of an in-house developer for a fraction of the cost.

When you develop your products, you would have to invest a lot of time and money - with no real guarantee of ROI on the final product.

However, when you use a third-party white-label service, you are essentially paying manufacturers and developers to create products for your business. And because these companies handle large volumes, the cost of the product or service is typically cheaper than hiring an in-house developer.

Improves customer service relationship

customer service relationship

A lot of white labeling services take responsibility and work to fix bad or faulty products and services and when required, they refund the full cost of the products.

However, to enjoy this, you have to choose a quality provider that offers reliable support -such as a digital marketing agency if you’re doing your business online --  once you've done this, you can provide your clients with great resources while your service provider handles all the heavy lifting.

White labeling provides your brand with a fine-tuned products

A lot of third-party products have undergone troubleshooting, revisions, and beta tests. This means you do not have to go through the pains of launching your products. Instead, you are provided with a finished product that has your brand name attached.

White labeling improves customer loyalty

Because the third-party products that you offer are satisfactory and dependable, when a client uses it and sees your name attached; they will associate your brand with quality and convenience which increases loyalty.

White labeling helps to boost brand visibility

If you run a business that offers multiple products or services from third parties, paying extra for white labeling on all your products is a great way to increase brand visibility, your business is associated with top quality value products and services.

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