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3rd Party Lab Testing: Your Secret to Identifying the Best Manufacturers

author-img By Mashum Mollah 5 Mins Read July 24, 2020

third party lab testing

In any business, the two most important things are the quality of your products and customers. In the cannabis industry, these two components are particularly essential, and you need to get them right. In order to stock the right cannabis products and guarantee your clients value for their money, you will need another thing, the right supplier or manufacturer.

Suppliers and manufacturers are very crucial in the cannabis supply chain because they define the quality of the products you stock. Simply put, if you get a manufacturer who is committed to quality, your customers will be happy.

Notably, selecting good manufacturers in the cannabis market is challenging because some of them put their focus on profits as opposed to quality. However, you can now use third party lab testing to help you identify the best suppliers and manufacturers to work with.

Why You should be Worried about the Cannabis Products Suppliers

Before checking how independent laboratories work to help with identifying the best suppliers, it is important to answer one question; “Why do we have to be worried about the suppliers?” Like other niches, the manufacturers and suppliers in the cannabis industry are required by law to only supply high-quality products.  However, a closer check on the cannabis products on the market reveals a different picture.

  • Some of the cannabis products on the market have content that is different from what is advertised.
  • FDA reported that some products have tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in quantities that exceed the recommended levels.
  • In some cases, cannabis products contain components that can be harmful to the user.

What Constitutes a Good Manufacturer or Supplier?

A good manufacturer or supplier should be committed to delivering high-quality cannabis products that users can rely on to get the anticipated therapeutic effects. If a customer wants to use CBD tinctures with a specific cannabinoid profile for help with menstrual cramps, migraines, or other condition, the information on the packaging should be correct. Therefore, when a manufacturer includes the right information on the cannabis product packaging, you can rest assured of high-customer satisfaction. Other traits of a good supplier include:

  • Ability to supply products on time.
  • Commitment to the progressive improvement of the products on sale.
  • Good customer support.

Using Third Party lab Testing to Identify the Best Suppliers

When you sample suppliers and manufacturers in the market, it is apparent that simply checking their adverts might not help much in giving the right information on who to work with. Simply put, not every supplier or manufacturer marketed as the “best” is indeed the best.

Using third party laboratory testing like Santelabs.com, you subject the product from the supplier or manufacturer so that its contents are confirmed. Armed with the testing report, you can check the cannabinoid profile to establish whether the information offered by the supplier is correct. If the details of the packaging or adverts are correct, consider that supplier to be trustworthy.

The 3rd party laboratory that you select will also check your cannabis sample for the presence of other harmful products, such as pesticides, heavy metals, organic solvents, and bio-contaminants. A good supplier is the one that sells products that do not contain any harmful components, and that are produced in line with the FDA guidelines.

In the cannabis market, it is important for traders to be extra careful about the products they stock because some manufacturers and suppliers do not provide the right information. Therefore, checking the cannabis products that they sell using third party lab testing can allow you to know the trusted ones. Well, do not risk stocking poor quality cannabis products. Simply identify and work with the best independent third party laboratory to test them.

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