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In this post, we’re going to tell you about new online startup; how to draw your own video game, control the amount of money your teenager kid spends, read fast in a smart and comfortable way, tame the wind with a smartphone, make your house grow out of the page and be happily antisocial.

Received $3,540,000 in Seed funding

Reading reimagined! That’s what Spritz is all about. The way we used to read texts seems to be changing leaning towards time-saving and comfortability, especially when it comes to reading on small displays. After all the world is moving mobile and Spritz found the way to handle the reading matter. The secret of Spritz is science. For each word, the eye seeks a certain point within the word, called “Optimal Recognition Point”. Spritz put one word at a time on their display so that the optimal recognition point remains steady and eyes never have to move which makes reading fast and easy. Their reading technology offers integration into operating systems, applications, wearables and websites. So if you’re thinking about a new age reading interface for your product, there are ready tools out there. Want to learn more tips and tricks on how to create your own reading app? More tips and tricks can be found here:

Pixel Press
Received $250k in Seed funding

Have you ever thought that anyone can draw a video game without any need to do the coding? Pixel Press offers tools to create a run and jump video game and share it with others in your Pixel Press community. If you are good at the imagination and want to draw that in the video games, pixel press is the platform that can help you with the online startup. They use a specially designed graph paper that you can print at home by downloading their FREE Sketch Kit. Then all you do is draw the level following instructions in the Sketch Kit, snap a photo of this drawing using the Pixel Press app, finish the design by adding skin and music from the Pixel Press library and get social by sharing your creations with others. Pixel Press is a great activity to use in classrooms, as a family project, an exercise for creative artists, or a hobby for a gamer.

Received $375k in Seed funding

Vaavud is called to solve pretty specific problems with their portable software. Vaavud is a small accessory fit into your smartphone’s headphone jack. The job of these two plastic cups is to connect the wind to the Vaavud app through soundwaves. The wind measured by the wind meter is collected and analyzed by the app, which gives you a clear overview of average, actual and maximum wind speed, as well as a real time graph. There is also a live map in the app that gives you access to measurements made by other Vaavud users globally. Why would you need all that? If you aren’t a weather enthusiast, a surfer, a gardener or a sailor, you might not be interested. But Vaavud keeps attracting corporate clients from the agriculture industry and is something worthwhile to add to the global spread of the weather network.

Virtual View App
Received $500k in Seed funding

Property is hitting augmented reality. Virtual View made a huge step to bring real estate into life on the screen of your mobile device. The app allows property buyers to view 3D models of the estate by simply scanning a photo. With Virtual View, you can look into the house and check its interior content floor by floor as if you are dismantling a construction kit. The app attracted the attention of the property vendors interested in 3D models of their real estate products. Virtual View’s point-and-scan way to augmented reality would cost less than building a traditional computer-generated model. The great online startup is planning to add a street view concept to break the limits of the augmented reality.

Received (€25k) in Seed funding

Papayer is a great online startup that helps you to get rid of confusion on the parents’ credit card at the end of the month, borrowing which might be the only way for a teenager to get the favorite stuff from the Internet. Money and children are something to be controlled by the parents. Papayer offers a Master Card connected to 2 payment apps, one for kids getting ready for the adult life where interaction with money is a must and the other one for parents who can easily control the amount on the teen’s card via their smartphone or online. This way the teens get the information about their spendings and the parents can add money to their kids’ accounts, block the card and keep track of the expenses in real-time.

Received $1M in Seed funding

Finally, someone figures out what social media is for! For those who are tired of everything social, and a constant appeal to be even more social, there is a wonderful alternative! Antisocial Split always at your service to tackle your antisocial needs. Come on, everyone has social media friends who you would prefer to avoid in real life. Split lets you see where those people are on the map and even shows you the escape direction. Split accomplishes its antisocial mission with the help of Foursquare, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Real-time alerts, event notifications to let you know if there is someone unwished at the party, a list of “danger zones” or favorite locations of those people and a lot of more is what Split offers to their unsocial users.

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