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White Gold Vs. Yellow Gold: Which Ring To Choose?

author-img By Mashum Mollah 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

White Gold Vs. Yellow Gold

A Ring is a memorable jewel to any individual. In most cases, it is probably the first gold item that was gifted to you. Rings can be made in different types of Gold, out of which white, yellow, and pink are the favorites.

Most people get confused between platinum and white gold? Let’s check how it differs from each other first.  Platinum and white gold differ mainly in two aspects – price and composition. Although they look identical, white gold is a mixture of metals like nickel, copper, and zinc whereas Platinum is purer and has up to 98% purity. Hence, it is costlier than white gold.

As far as white and yellow gold are concerned, both are popular in jewelry. Here we are checking the difference between white gold vs yellow gold to make the appropriate choice for your ring.


The main difference in the composition of both white and yellow gold is the proportion of other metals present in it. White gold has more of Zinc, whereas yellow gold has more of Nickel.


Despite having a yellowish shade, White gold gets its color from the rhodium plating used in white gold jewelry. This is one reason why you will find more diamond ring models in combination with white gold. Also, this is beneficial in acting like a protective layer on softer yellow gold.


Rhodium that is used to coat white gold is expensive, this plating makes white gold costlier than yellow gold.


White Gold is less expensive than platinum, but with an identical luxurious appearance, it is harder than yellow gold due to its alloy composition. Since it is a neutral color, it gels with a variety of gemstones and diamonds very well. Since yellow gold is a little brighter than white gold, fancy colored gemstones may not gel well with yellow gold. Still, it has a classic look and vintage appearance.


Though white gold is gaining prominence now, it loses the beauty and design in front of yellow gold, which is widely used in jewelry making. You will find several designs in bangles, chains, earrings, rings, and so on. The malleable nature of yellow gold makes it easy for the goldsmith to work on even the smallest gold ring designs for women with present trends.


White gold has less wear and tear due to the rhodium coating that acts as a protective layer.

Yellow gold is a very soft metal. It tends to get scratched if the purity is higher. Polishing helps to remove the scratch and maintain the shine. But every time you polish the yellow gold it removes a layer of the metal along with scratches.


Yellow gold is the purest form of gold among all the different types. You can’t say that for white gold as rhodium is a definite part of it.

Effect on Skin

White Gold may cause skin irritation in some people. Yellow gold is very light on the skin, even on people who have sensitive skin.


Maintenance costs for white gold jewels are high because you may require rhodium plating done periodically to maintain the shine. Yellow gold is easy to care, therefore has a low maintenance cost.

There is nothing like right or wrong choice when it comes to jewelry selection. It is all about personal preference and taste. The differences between yellow and white gold are placed before you. It is up to you to choose what you desire – but do consider all the factors mentioned above so that you can be sure of what you decide to buy!

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