Tulum Collection from Nialaya Jewelry

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Tulum Collection from Nialaya Jewelry

Jannik Olander from Denmark is the designer and founder of Nialaya Jewelry from Los Angeles. Jannik Olander personally selects the collection of beads, semi-precious and precious stones as well as materials and leather as he tours the globe.

Every stone presents personality, feel, and energy which facilitates the production of another collection. Each stone has the power to heal and can enhance the energy of the owner. Jannik is passionate about forming pieces that facilitate spiritual awareness by focusing on the moment when manufacturing another jewelry piece.

Jannik has worked with different stones closely and found out how the jewels assist him to attain inner peace, happiness, and clarity. When every piece is completed, it is meticulously cleaned using purifying sage to eliminate all intrusive energies from the stones.

The Origin of the Tulum Collection :

In 2008 Jannik made his first trip to Tulum in Mexico. From then, it became one of his preferred destinations and he tours it often. During the months of winter in Los Angeles, this area presents the ideal tropical weekend get-away. Olander’s passion originated from the relaxed way of life and tropical hues of this lovely Quintana Roo coastal town in Mexico.

The jungle is untouched and the sand beaches are flour-soft white. The attractive tree house lunch areas describe some of the factors that Olander loves about Tulum.

When he travels, Olander always visits areas such as the Hartwood, Be Spa, Nomade Hotel and when creating this tropical feel collection, these areas inspired him the most.

One night as he cycled through the jungle in Tulum under the moonlight a thought occurred to him to form designs that would complement the remarkable town.

He implemented these ideas when he returned to Los Angeles; creating an exceptional ceramic bead that symbolized how he viewed Tulum. During manufacture, a range of Tulum colors was used to dye the beads and hand-strung using sterling silver in the Los Angeles Nialaya workshop.

The Tulum Men’s bracelets offer wonderful stacking pieces because of the beads’ small size. Tulum bracelets give you a relaxed look which is suitable for all your holidays. They also offer a superb way of adding color to everyday looks.

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