Top 6 Birthstone Rings Designs

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Birthstones are basically a gem or a stone that signifies your birth month. There are 12 types of birthstones for different months. They are used as a jewel from ancient times. During those times, people used to keep all the 12 stones along with them and wear them according to the month as they believed it would bring good luck to them and keep them healthy as well as wealthy. They can be worn as pendants in long gold chains and a very good variety of gold long chain designs are available in the market.

Do you love to wear rings? What about wearing your birthstone in beautiful, new, and modern design rings. Here are some latest designs from where you can choose your favorite ring:

1. Single birthstone ring:

Single birthstone ringThese rings look simple and elegant. The size of the birthstone can vary according to your choice. You can wear them in gold or silver ring and they can be made at cheap prices also gold ring price below 6000 are also available in single birthstone rings.


2. Your initials birthstone rings:

These are one of the latest designs in the market. You can wear your birthstone along with your name initials. Even that couple of rings are also available in these types of designs. You can wear your lover’s initials along with his birthstone. Or two rings one of your partner’s initials along with his birthstone and other of your initial with your birthstone.  They can be made in gold or silver but looks best in rose gold designs. To find an immense variety that will make it virtually impossible for you to decide what would be the be choice, visit Birthstone Guide. On their website, it comes explained the meanings and composition of the stones that match your zodiacal sign and month of birth.

3. Family tree ring:

Family tree ring


These rings are heavy including birthstones of all your family members embedded in a tree ring. This signifies your love for your family and looks extremely beautiful as the different shades of birthstones make them more charming and stylish. This design looks best if made in silver but also goes well in gold.

4. Heart stone rings in the cage:

Heart stone rings

They are antique designs in which heart-shaped stones are trapped in cage-designed rings. You can make it a couple of rings also by trapping 2 hearts in it one of your birthstone and the other of your partner‘s birthstone. They are also the best gift option to gift to your loved one on Valentine’s Day or your anniversaries.

5. Heavy ring for men:

ring for men


Men usually like to wear single large stones heavy rings. These can be made in silver or gold according to the person’s choice. They give a rich look due to their heavy design. Size can vary according to your personal choice and the weight of the ring.

6. Simple two stoned ring:

two stoned ring

These are simple rings containing two stones and are best for daily wear. The size of the stone varies and the other stone can be of your partner or any other person near to your heat. They are also the best gift option to gift to your partner or your best friend or your sister on her birthday or any other special occasion.

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