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Soul Mate Searching: Top 5 Places To Meet Christian Singles!

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

single christians

Forty-five percent of the adult US population is single.

That’s 110.6 million people looking for their soulmate. That’s a large dating pool! But not all of those people are right for you, especially if you’re looking for a religious partner.

Are you tired of being single? We’ve listed some of the best places to meet single Christians to restore your faith in the dating game! God bless!

1. At Church:


While this one may be obvious, it’s necessary to include it.

Often times, we overlook the people right in front of our eyes. So next Sunday, spend a few moments before the service taking note of all the single candidates.

Don’t forget, that small groups or Bible studies are also a great opportunity to meet new people. Bonus points if you find a small group geared toward singles!

2. Mission Trip:

Mission Trip

A mission trip is a great place to meet Christian singles.

Mission trips involve a Christian missionary traveling to spread their faith through good deeds. These are a great chance to meet new people — many who are young and single since they have the ability to travel.

And even if you don’t find your perfect match, traveling on a mission trip changes your life.

3. Online Dating:

Online Dating

Online dating is an intimidating place. But, if you’re on the right sites, it can be more rewarding than just swiping right.

In fact, there are online dating sites made for religious singles. There are sites for those who practice as a traditional Catholic or a more generic Christian Mingle site.

By using a targeted dating site, you won’t waste your time with un-religious prospects!

4. Conferences and Workshops:

There are many single Christians attending conferences and workshops every year.

There are countless religious and faith-based conferences and workshops around the country. Search for a religious author or motivational speaker coming to your area.

Many of these events have meet-and-greet sessions where you can get to know like-minded individuals. Not only will you learn how to grow in your faith, but you might also leave with a date set up.

5. Volunteering:


Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community and meet people who have similar interests.

Volunteer through your church, a local soup kitchen, or homeless shelter. Here you’ll find single people wanting to make a difference. Knowing that they take time out of their schedule to volunteer should put them that much higher on your list.

From Single Christians to Married Christians:

Once you start looking in all the right places, you’ll transform from single Christians to married Christians in no time.

Remember that all relationships take time. Just because you haven’t found your Prince Charming yet, doesn’t mean he isn’t out there waiting. Make an effort to look for your partner at church, on mission trips, online, at conferences, and even while volunteering.

If you haven’t dated for a while and are unsure what to expect, read this article about upcoming dating trends.

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