Greeting Cards Are Here to Stay

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

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It’s been said that the greeting cards industry is dying-if it’s not dead already. After all, greeting someone through the use of social media has become the norm. It’s convenient. It’s instant. It’s free.

Contrary to the obituary on greeting cards, the industry, apparently, is still alive and kicking. According to the Greeting Card Association,seven billion greeting cards are purchased every year in the US. If each card costs over a dollar, you can assume that the annual retail sales amount to more than $7 billion. Not bad for an industry that is thought to be six feet under.

Now that the holidays are coming, you can expect the industry to be brimming in the pockets. As expected, malls are bound to be filled with people who are looking for gifts for their loved ones. Because of this, the holidays have slowly been associated with capitalism. This is why, in the midst of this gift-giving tradition, many others are looking for more personalized presents. Some include a holiday card for that personal touch, while others, who are more extra, make the holiday card themselves. And since the holidays call for sparkle, everyone’s Pinterest folders are filled with DIY tips on how to use glitter and gold foil paper.

Here’s a list of reasons why traditional and handmade greeting cards continue to thrive:

A greeting card is an emotional commodity.

There are many emotions attached to receiving a greeting card. It could be nostalgia-the remembrance of years when sending and receiving cards are part of the Christmas tradition. It could also be the sentiment encompassed within this tangible object. It’s you, knowing that the sender took the time to choose or make the card you’re holding.

Through the card, the sender is not merely sending a message based on the note inside. He or she is saying, “Take this. When you look back and reread this card, know that at one point in time, I remembered you.” There’s a reason why greeting cards are kept inside a memory box.

Millennials love personalized items.

You can say that that millennials ace in gift-giving. So, they love stationery. They purchase multiple notebooks not only as a necessity. On top of that, they choose custom-made and personal items that are meaningful over generic ones. Add everything up and you get a greeting card.

The millennial generation has witnessed the early 90’s, the period before technology evolved into what it is today. At the same time, they are now witnessing and enjoying technology in its sophisticated form. They saw the juxtaposition of both periods. The desire for simpler times- of an easy childhood- had them prioritizing personal connection.

The greeting card industry continues to adapt.

The greeting cards now might look a tad different from how they originally looked, yet they give out the same meaning. Adapting and surviving to the challenge brought by time is a sign of stability. Many industries died down because of technology. However, greeting card companies utilized technology to their advantage in creating illustrations. Speaking of illustrations, the current designs are inclusive of other ethnicities and beliefs.

Greeting cards serve as a concrete reminder of your connection with people. As long as there are reasons for celebration, and people to love, greeting cards are here to stay.

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