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Your Ultimate Guide to Building Your Own Mobile App

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read January 7, 2019

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While more than 99 out of 100 apps fail to make money, most companies realize the importance of taking up space in the app market. When customers feel compelled to download an app, it’s either because they love the company that built it or wants its convenience. If you want to ensure that your company takes up the space it needs to in the mobile app world, you can build your own app easier than you probably think

Here are the four methods you could try when you’re trying to build your own app.

1. Gather Some Developers Together:

When you want to build your own mobile app, you need to get to know the technology. If you want something that’s in a very particular niche, you might not be able to use an app builder. You might need to gather some developers to help you build the kind of app you’re looking for.

When you’re looking to gather developers together, either you or someone on your team needs to know a little bit about the technology. In a general sense, you need someone to handle your database, someone to handle the data from the front end, and a designer to make sure it looks good.

Building an app requires a lot of foreknowledge of how the technology works and what you need to get the work done you’re aiming to do. Lots of app tools give you the ability to build simple tools to help with productivity and getting customers in contact. However, if you want to manage a lot of data, you need real developers.

There is a wide range of developers around that have the skills you need to start your app. There are plenty of freelance developers that are willing to work as a consultant on a project like what you’re working on. Just having a sounding board ensures that you build your project correctly.

2. Use an App Maker:

When you use an app making tool, you skip a lot of the challenges of making apps. You don’t have to worry that your app is going to be compatible with every kind of device because you only have to add that as a feature. You won’t have to worry about whether your app is going to function because you’ll have testing built in.

There are free app building tools online but you should avoid them. Their features are limited and they have very little capability for creating interesting projects. If you want to build something interesting, you need to pay for a tool.

When you’re shopping for a tool to help you build your app, be sure that the tool you choose leaves you as the owner of your product. Some tools integrate their information into your application, meaning that at the end of the day, you’re required to keep paying a maintenance fee. When you’re required to rent the app you’ve built, you never truly own it.

If you use an app building tool, be sure the tool handles all of the updating for you. If you need to rebuild your application every time there’s a major security issue or operating system release, you’ll be doing more work than you should. You might as well hire a developer to handle it for you.

3. Become a Consultant:

One of the ways you can build apps without having to “build apps” is to work as a consultant for app makers. As a freelance consultant, you get to pitch all the ideas you have for apps to companies looking to break into the app market. When you become a reliable consultant, you’re able to build the kinds of apps you want to without learning to code.

As you work more and more in the field, you learn about what’s possible and what’s off limits. You learn about what’s out there and what’s failed in the past. As you gain more experience, you ensure that you’re able to build apps that your customer base is going to want to use.

Consultants have a lot of freedom in the world of app building. They get to stay connected to what’s happening in the industry rather than working at a company where they’re tied to a single role. When working for a single company for too long, it’s easy to lose sight of where the app industry is heading and just do the same thing over and over.

Working as a consultant gives you a lot of freedom, but there are another set of benefits when you work for a company.

4. Work For an App Building Company:

There are lots of companies around the world that spend their time building apps and focus on the latest technology in the field. Rather than working for a single company working on their suite of apps, you can work for an app-building company that tackles a variety of issues. When you work for a company like this, you get to stay in touch with the industry and work on lots of interesting projects.

App building companies are usually agnostic when it comes to the types of projects they take on. While some specialize in a given industry, most will take on whatever kind of project comes their way.

Most of these jobs require some technical expertise or experience in the industry. If you’ve worked as a consultant in the past or have worked for companies that build apps, that might be enough to qualify you to work at a company like this.

Building a Mobile App Has Never Been Easier:

Even if your mobile app has very few functions, if it makes life more convenient for your customers, that’s all that matters. Build an app is easier than it’s ever been and if you know what your customers want from you, you’re to build an app that resonates with them.

If you want to ensure you get the attention you deserve, check out our guide for picking the right name.

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