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5 Tips to Quicken Your Android Application Development Process

author-img By Pranay Agrawal 5 Mins Read May 12, 2018


Competition is neck deep in the mobile app development services arena thus mandating a faster time to market for apps. Taking a lot of time for development and fine-tuning may ensure that your app is pristine but then it could get trounced in the market due to heavy competition. Not only that, if you take too long, there is always that risk that someone else can beat you to the idea and this can be bad for business.

But then focussing on speed alone isn’t going to ensure that quality prevails! We understand the predicament when it comes to quality vs. speed for we have been working on mobile app development services for quite a while now. We’ve compiled a list of time-tested and handy tricks that can help quicken your android application development without compromising your app’s quality.

1. When it Comes to Your Tools, Opt for the Latest Ones :

Android application development comes with its own set of problems and we believe that using the latest tools and software available can help solve most of your problems. Latest tools help overcome some of the challenges that seem insurmountable during app development. Take Butterfly for example. It is an excellent tool to improve the readability of your code and helps cut down the development time with its capability to improve the coding rate.

Another must-have tool is LeakCanary which is very useful for detecting memory leaks. Given that memory leaks are hard to find with simple code perusal, this is a useful tool and helps debug the issue quite rapidly. A visor is yet another interesting tool that helps in sharing screens and this comes in handy while sharing app’s features with the client and getting their feedback.

Other tools that are very helpful are Hierarchy Viewer and Genymotion. We’ve found great use for these tools in our mobile app development services and are sure that you can put them to good use too.

2. Learn to Delegate :

Some activities are time-consuming and don’t constitute the core of app development. They are best delegated and there are applets available on standard mobile platforms that help you perform the evaluation of app analytics, working on enhancing the user engagement, conversion of free subscribers to premium ones and so on. These activities are time-consuming and are best handled by these standard applets that can be brought into your code with a few simple additional lines! This is a huge time saver and helps quicken your development pace to a large extent.

3. Go With Automated Testing :

Manual testing is time-consuming and always has some margin for errors. With automated testing, you can ensure that your app is fully tested and secure for, after all, many tests are run simultaneously with automated testing and this ensures better coverage and faster time to market. Also, with greater coverage and lower error margins, the number of bugs in a product that is tested using an automated testing suite is way lesser when compared to manual testing.

4. Minimum Viability Product (MVP) is the Way to Go :

Going with a lean product as compared to a full-fledged app is one of the standard practices in the industry. Launching an MVP is both times saving and profitable as it will help you learn your customer preferences and understand what is working in your favor and what is not. With such a model, you get to learn and tweak your product based on real end-user feedback which will ensure that your users are satisfied and result in better engagement in the long run. Also, this will ensure that your app is successful and popular among users.

5. Do Away With Unnecessary Elements :

Don’t load your app with unnecessary configs that can slow down your app and its future builds. We’ve seen some developers retaining additional resources (language localizations for example) in the app that provide very little value. This will only add your work and it isn’t going to provide you much benefit in the long run as well! Letting go of unnecessary elements not only speeds up your app’s development but can also ensure that you get ahead of the competition and hit the market at the right time.

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