9 Useful App Development Tips For Startups

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Mobile phones overtook the market for good in the past decade, and the phone app marketplace has not stopped booming ever since. People of all ages are starting to use mobile phone apps for many different purposes, from paying bills, shopping, and checking the weather to checking in with their friends.

Developers have had different approaches and ideas when developing a particular functionality, and users get to choose which angle of development they prefer. Even though there are multiple apps for the same purpose on the app store, no two apps are alike, and the market is rarely saturated.

A unique and practical idea for a mobile app can introduce novelty and changes for the user pool and transform developers’ standards when implemented appropriately. Whether you opt to hire the development team yourself or use an app builder platform, you must follow the best guidelines to develop a solid mobile application.

If you are thinking about turning your idea into reality and developing a mobile app, we prepared a list of the top app development tips for startups.

Release Early, Release Often

Since the development of the Linux Kernel, the most popular software development philosophy guiding the roadmaps for many open source and commercial software solutions was to release early and often. Whatever your ideas and solutions might be, develop and release an implementation as soon as possible, and you can build on it further down the line.

Architecture, Frameworks, And APIs

The system architecture is crucially important in helping avoid confusion when implementing additional features, updates, or even just security patches. Your frameworks, system architecture, and even some of the APIs you might use will have ongoing upgrades as a maintenance practice, and your app should follow along with the changes.

Keep UX Practices In Mind

Keep UX Practices In Mind

There are many ways to discover how your users are likely to interact with your app and estimate the optimal way to enhance the user experience. Efficiency and elementary user satisfaction are your primary goals when developing an app.

However, the user values, motivations, and feelings are all factors that impact the outcome and should be taken into consideration to make the most out of the user experience.

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Enable A Suitable Offline Experience

Each smartphone user has at least a few applications that they use even when they are offline. Whatever kind of app you are developing, enabling local storage permissions means that your users will not be obliged to access the cloud each time they open your app. An offline experience not only makes your application more practical but enhances its performance, thus making your app overall more efficient.

Limit Advertisements

Limit Advertisements

When first starting, many app developers get tempted to go all-in on advertisements, keeping little regard for the user-side end of the spectrum and how frequent ad displays can affect app use. Although ads can bring you a significant boost in revenue, make sure that they never impede the usability of your application.

Cross-Platform And Responsiveness

When developing your app, keep in mind that you don’t want your app released exclusively to one platform. You want the Android and iOS user bases both on your team, so make an effort to support all mobile phone platforms so that your app gets released on more than one marketplace. Screen sizes and resolutions still vary, so ensure that your app looks just as good on different devices.

Test Your App

Before you release the final version of your app, make sure to implement a rigorous testing environment to eliminate the odds of errors once you release your first version or push a new update. The methods for app testing are plentiful, so including emulations in addition to physical devices in your testing environment should be the norm.

Make Use Of Novel Features

Adding additional functionality made possible by innovations like connectivity for NFC, gyroscope for orientation, or even the image sensors can open the door for multiple new features.

App Promotion And Marketing

Taking the time and effort to promote your application can help you get a good start on app launch and expand your user base faster. Discover the selling points and main features of your app and match them with corresponding audiences. Segregating your marketing efforts and implementing A/B tests will help you achieve results faster.

Last Words

Since mobile phones started overtaking the market, the phone app marketplace has not stopped rising. If you have an idea that you think you can successfully turn into an app and want to participate in the highly competitive smartphone app marketplace, the second-best time to start is right now. Implement the best app development tips when developing your roadmap and ensure that your startup becomes a success story, climbing to top ranks in the marketplace.

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