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Generate Downloads By Employing Best App Naming Practices

author-img By Mashum Mollah 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Have you ever brainstormed for a name for your app? Then you might know how tricky would it be to fix a name for your app. The name of your app should be catchy, unique, a name that nobody would forget. And to come down with such name can be a daunting task. And even after you set a name, that name should be recognized by your potential and end-users.

The name of the app is the most important part of the app. It is the signature of your app by which all the users will remember your app. The app name is the first thing through which your app store optimization (ASO) starts. It is just like the SEO on the websites. That means if you name your app is set in a unique way according to the ASO standards, your app will stand out as the best app name amongst all the other apps when a user searches an app category under which your app falls in. The app name you set must be able to convey how your app would work and what does it do. But how can you fit so much information in a word or a couple of words? Read ahead and find out the best app naming practices which will make you a ninja in-app naming and app store optimization.

Golden rule “KEEP IT REAL”

As the name of your app is the first thing that the users see, make sure your name is unique and clings to the user’s mind. And as original and catchy the name would be, more users will notice and use your app. To make the name unique you can add the brand name to the name of your app. Make sure the name of your app doesn’t coincide with other app names or look-alike other app’s name. A unique app name can give your app a good chance in the app store optimization to improve your app’s ranking.

Don’t pick an app name so long that users can’t s….

The name of your app should only show the name of your app, there is no need to add the app description in the name. The user will read the app description in the app description section anyways. So keep your app name short and meaningful. The app store allows the app publisher 255 character’s limit but it doesn’t mean that you have to use the complete thing. Long names are laborious to read and would be considered as a spam app. All the successful apps have used a maximum of three to four words. For example, Netflix, Instagram, Google Maps, Temple Run, Clash of Clans, etc.

Amalgamation is your friend

Amalgamation means a combination of two or more words. The app names that are amalgamated are intended to gain implications and reliability from the words that are amalgamated. This technique is effective as long as the words that are combined preserve their meaning and describe the app precisely. You can place a word in front of the other word and see the magic of amalgamation, like Send + Gifts = Sendgifts, Skill + Share = Skillshare, etc. You can also look at some popular examples of amalgamation such as Facebook, Whatsapp, PayPal, YouTube, Tweetbot, etc.

Easy to say and remember

As far as naming your app you have the complete freedom to make up your own words but make sure that it is not annoying to the users. If you choose a name that occupies the niche of your app, it will be more effective and will be adopted by the users. It is a “tip-toe” task to find the right balance between vowels and consonants but the name will be on everyone’s lips.

Along with easy pronunciation, it is also important that your name is easy to remember. If your name is catchy enough, the user will not forget it. If you are aiming at a global market make sure you use the English language for naming your app so your app name will be easy pronunciation as well as easy to remember.

The right keyword

A keyword is an important tool used in app store optimization. Including keywords in your app name will gain you higher ranking in the search result. Remember the keywords that you select should be relevant to your app services. It is wise to select a keyword that will improve your ranking rather than to use most used keywords and rank somewhere in the middle. Check the number of searches for every word and consider the appropriate one for your app. Before you decide which keywords to use, do your research about that specific keyword.

The name of an app should be powerful and influential because it is the first impression of your app. Follow the tips given above and avoid common mistakes and gain more downloads on your app. It is a wise decision to name your app that will have a long-term effect and will increase the retention rate of your app. With several apps getting introduced to the app store, it becomes more pivotal for you to differentiate yourself from other apps. Many companies of Mobile App Development are following these steps to optimize their app’s ranking in the app store.

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