5 Thoughtful Handmade Gift Ideas

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Thoughtful Handmade Gift Ideas

Are you tired of giving lackluster gifts that seem to fall flat? Whether you’re shopping on a budget or for the person who has everything, you can find something that wows your recipient. Handmade gifts don’t have to be boring. While handmade gifts often have a bad reputation for being poor quality or unnecessary, these handmade gifts below are anything but ordinary.

These gifts are thoughtful, one of a kind, and show you really care. Stop giving cookie-cutter gifts that simply don’t impress and opt for something they’ll really appreciate. Here are 5 thoughtful handmade gift ideas to try today.

5 Thoughtful Handmade Gift Ideas:

1. Painting:


A custom painting is a spectacular gift your recipient will cherish for a lifetime. Even if you’re not an artist yourself, you can commission something special with Instapainting. From pet photos to portraits to abstract art, you can make something for anyone.

What makes a painting special? Unlike a print, it’s done meticulously by hand. It’s something classic that the recipient can hold onto for the rest of their life. They can display it in their home for others to admire. It truly is the ultimate gift.


2. Cross Stitch:


In the past year, cross stitching has become all the rage. This traditional style of embroidery has taken on a whole new world of art and design. Instead of the stuffy designs of the past, we’re starting to see exciting, funky patterns and designs that fit any personality.

From hilarious slogans to classic art, there’s so much potential when you cross-stitch. Pick up a simple DIY kit to do it yourself for just a few dollars or find your favorite ready-made design on Etsy.

Cross Stitch

3. Bath Products:


Do you have a relaxation lover in your life? Or just someone who could use a day off? Either way, create some lovely bath products so they can finally get that relaxation they’ve been looking for without having to go to a fancy spa outside the home.

DIY bath bombs, scrubs, and lotions are easy to whip up on your own, and you can customize them to your recipient. Lavender bath bombs for relaxation or cinnamon lotion for a burst of energy. What does your recipient need to make their mini-spa day perfect for them?

Bath Products

4. Edible Goodies:


When in doubt, bake. There’s nothing better than a homemade treat, and this goes for gifts as well. If you’re ever in a bind and you don’t know what to get someone, you can count on food always being a hit.

Make some homemade cookies, brownies, cakes, or more and package them up nicely. For an added touch, package them in a baking container, mixing bowl, or other cooking gear that the recipient can keep and reuse later in their own baking efforts. Are you really in a crunch for time? Package up your favorite dry ingredients and some toppings and give them a kit to do it themselves.

Edible Goodies

5. Coffee Basket:


Finally, treat the one you love to something they love. Coffee is a must-have for many people, so create a coffee basket with all of their favorites. Include coffee mugs, a milk frother, and other add-ins that elevate the coffee experience for your caffeine addict. If you don’t like coffee, add in other favorites like green tea, energy drinks, or a water infuser.

Coffee Basket

Final Thoughts:

The next time you need a gift for a special someone, don’t just rush out to the store. Creating something yourself adds an element of care and thoughtfulness. Your recipient will truly appreciate that you went the extra mile.

These gifts above will wow your recipient without breaking the bank. Do something special to show you really care.

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