Software for Senior Living Communities

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Software for Senior Living Communities.

InTouchLink turns Communication into a positive experience. It has enabled an online digital communication platform to connect families, residents and staff members of the community. The user-friendly software has made communication very easy for the senior living in the community.

It encourages the users to stay connected through personalized email access, photos and videos sharing and news updates as well.  You can share feedback on the usage of the application and also with the members of the community for a collaborative approach. The software helps you keeping connected with the family members, residents and other seniors living in the community. The invitations are also publicized for the rest of the town, pertaining to special events, charity balls, marathons, football event, birthday and anniversary invites etc, and make it successful through a participative and collaborative approach. The connected families have a personalized access to their emails, photos and other entertainment options. It offers features like the brain games, videos access and uploading, personalized card design options. It lists down varieties in designing cards for the user for different occasions. With the connected nature of the application, these cards can be shared amongst the family members, residents and other in the community.

There are various celebration moments like Christmas, Easter, New Year, Birthdays and Anniversaries where distance creates some vacuum. Through this special feature in the InTouchLink software, the user can create and send cards with personal messages and personalized photo uploading.

Keeping the community up to date :

The system has an objective is to keep the community up to date. There could be many events happening inside the community but with little participation, it cannot be a success. For example, a meeting pertaining to the welfare of the community requires perspectives from each individual. Likewise, the community organizing an event or a charity ball looking at maximum participation, requires the quick mode of communication. InTouch link ensures that the communication is effective and reaches out to maximum people ensuring participation in high numbers. There is an automated system of informing the residents about monthly or daily activities to be conducted, which if shared manually take excessive time and in the event of cancellations, the reach out towards the people gets difficult. With the quick access on the system, all residents are aware of any meeting updates, cancellation for an event etc. and plan their things accordingly. This ensures saving a lot of time and as a digital signage in the community ensures that the residents are up to date about the happenings around.

An engaged resident feels more happy and connected through effective communication that a secluded one. This digital platform allows you to take all the flexibility in usage and adjusts with the speed of the individual. It is also user friendly for the seniors with low vision and offers very simple tabs for easy understanding.

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