Some gifts just keep on giving and, if you decide to allocate a small part of your budget to rewarding loyal customers, you’ll be pleased to discover that your investment will be returned tenfold. No matter the niche of your business, all your customers have something in common: they like to feel appreciated. There are many ways to do this, from going the extra mile in providing top-notch customer support to constantly improving the quality of your services, but gifts remain a timeless solution that never fails. Although you and your customers have a strictly professional relationship, the base principle is still the same: it’s the thought that counts. You don’t need to be a large retailer or a Fortune 500 company to afford to give gifts to your customers. Even on a budget, you can put together some charming presents that they will love and appreciate. Here are a few ideas that you can’t go wrong with:

Offer a free complimentary product or service instead of a discount :

Business owners assume that customers appreciate discounts more than anything, which is true during the sales period but, if you want to offer a gift, an extra discount voucher might not cut in. When trying to reward or say thank you to your customers, you should offer them something palpable, something they can remember. A discount code can end up in spam by mistake or it can be ignored and your customer might never get to use your gift, so why not give them a free complementary product or service instead? For example, you can offer them a free body lotion when they order a fragrance or a matching set of cushions when they order bedsheets. This complimentary product or service might be cheaper than the discount that you wanted to offer, the fact that it’s palpable makes it have more impact and be more memorable.

Free samples :


As a retailer, you will get hundreds upon hundreds of free samples from manufacturers. No matter if they are samples of coffee, perfume, drinks, creams, or shampoo, don’t keep them for yourself. Gifting them to your loyal customers doesn’t cost you anything, but it will keep them coming back. Not only do they show your generosity, but also increase the chances of a new purchase. If your client likes what they receive, they might buy the full-size version. One of the most effective ways of including free samples is to offer one or two with every purchase, but then as the purchase gets higher, increase the number or size. For example, a client could get a small sample of nail polish with a small order, but if they order more than $100 you could add deluxe travel size products, branded cosmetic pouches, mascaras, or lipsticks.

Birthday gifts :

Asking for your clients’ birthdays isn’t just a way of making sure they’re over 18. You can also use this information to send them custom birthday gifts and say thank you for their loyalty. Your present will definitely be well received because it doesn’t depend on them buying something first and shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile for your clients. There are many creative ways of offering birthday gifts to your clients. If you have an online shop or you’re a service provider, give them a voucher then they can redeem at any time. If you sell products, send them something based on their previous purchases. Presentation matters, so don’t forget to put your gift into nice birthday bags, accompanied by a hand-written card. Once your client gets your gift, you might even see your page tagged on social media!

Birthday gifts

Free gift-wrapping service :


Most people love buying gifts for their loved ones, but not everyone is a skilled DIYer when it comes to wrapping these gifts. Why not solve this problem by offering them a free gift-wrapping service with their order? Bought in bulk, gift wrapping supplies such as paper and ribbon are very affordable and your clients will appreciate the gesture. It might not seem like much, but a beautifully wrapped gift can be that small detail making the difference between two suppliers, so you shouldn’t underestimate its impact. Whether you have an online store or a brick and mortar one, ask your clients if they would like you to wrap their gift for free. If they do, use creative gift wrapping tips to deliver a package that’s just as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside.

Seasonal gifts :

Around festive periods, not offering free gifts to your customers is a huge faux pas. They expect special deals, discounts, and gifts, and disappointing them could cost you your money and reputation. Even if you have a small budget, try to include a small thank you gift with their orders. For example, on Valentine’s Day, you can use a cute Valentine ribbon to wrap their package or add in some candy. For Easter, include chocolate Easter eggs and for Halloween give them a scary treat. Christmas is the most important period of the year and if you’re a retailer there will be a lot of pressure to compete. Free samples are effective, but when all stores are competing for the best offers, they might not be as impactful as you imagine and you’ll have to think of something better. For example, one trend in recent years to start an advent-calendar inspired series of promotions: each day until December 24th, clients will receive a different extra gift with their purchase. This creates a sense of excitement and mystery that encourages clients to become back to your store every day.

Seasonal gifts

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