Are you the type of person who always waits until the last minute to buy Christmas gifts for the special man in your life?

Rather than going that route yet again this year, plan ahead and find Christmas present ideas for him that he'll really love. He'll appreciate you taking the time to think about what he actually wants instead of just picking up whatever you can find on December 24.

There are all kinds of great gift ideas for men of all ages. Check out 10 presents that your man will love when he finds them under the tree on Christmas morning.

1. Robe:

Do you want to buy the man in your life something he can use the moment he opens it up?

A robe is one of the best gifts you can buy for someone at Christmas. They'll be able to unwrap it and then throw it right on to keep themselves warm.

Look for a plush robe that will allow your man to lounge around the house all winter long. And if you really want to put it over the top, consider having it monogrammed with his name or initials.

2. Slippers:

If your guy already has a robe that he loves, that might not be the best option. But you can still find something for him that he'll be able to wear on Christmas morning.

A new pair of slippers make a great holiday gift for a man. And if you look around long enough, you can find slippers that are built to last for longer than the ones you'll find in the average department store.

Try to find slippers that will match your man's robe so that he can wear them together. He'll love how comfortable they are from the second he slips them on.

3. Watch:

You really can't go wrong with buying a man a watch for Christmas. Even if he already has a bunch of watches that he wears, he always has room for one more to add to the rotation.

Look at the watches that he uses now and try to find one that looks completely different. This will ensure that he loves the watch you buy him.

For example, if he has a lot of sporty watches that he wears while working out, buy him something a little fancier for him to wear when you go out on the town. Or if he has nothing but gold watches, look for a silver one or even one with diamonds in it.

As we said, you can't go wrong with a watch! But you should make an effort to find one that he'll love just as much as the other watches he already owns.


4. Jewelry:

If your boyfriend or husband already has enough watches, a different kind of jewelry might be a better option for him. There are so many other types of jewelry that you can buy him to help him accessorize his look.

A gold chain is always a great go-to gift for men. Your man can show it off to all your guests at Christmas dinner.

You might also want to think about going with a ring, a bracelet, or even an earring if he wears one. Whatever you choose, you'll love the way it looks once he puts it on.


5. Tool Kit:

Is your garage or shed suspiciously empty when it comes to the tool department? Tools can actually be pretty pricey in some cases, which might deter your man from buying tools for himself.

Give him easy access to the tools he needs by purchasing a complete toolkit for him. A toolkit is a great gift for anyone who doesn't have one now or anyone who has an old toolkit with tons of missing pieces.

Tool Kit

6. Golf Clubs:

The number of new golfers spiked by more than 1 million between 2011 and 2016. It's a strong indication that there is a renewed interest in the game of golf all across the country.

Has your man fall in love with golf in recent years? If so, he might love getting a new set of golf clubs at Christmas.

Even though he won't necessarily be able to go out and play golf for a few months now that it's winter, he'll love you so much for encouraging him to pursue his new hobby.

Golf Clubs

7. TV:

What guy doesn't love getting a new TV?

In fact, the only thing better than getting a new TV under normal circumstances is getting a new TV on Christmas morning. It'll make your man feel like a little kid again when he feels the joy his new TV brings him.


8. Tickets:

Instead of purchasing a physical gift for your man, giving him an experience might be a better option.

You can buy him tickets for the big game that's taking place next month. Or you can buy him tickets for the concert he's been talking about for weeks.

Either way, this is one of the gifts for him that he'll never forget. Just make sure you buy a ticket for yourself so you can tag along!

9. Grill:

Yes, it's almost the dead of winter in most parts of the country right now. So your man probably isn't going to be doing much grilling anytime soon.

But that shouldn't stop you from picking up a grill for him. You can typically get one for a great price in the winter and have your man ready for grilling season in the spring.

10. Whiskey:

This isn't the type of gift your man will get to use when he opens it up first thing in the morning on Christmas Day. But he will get the chance to close out Christmas on a high note this year with a nice glass of aged whiskey.

Find his favorite brand and buy him a bottle. He'll be able to use it to ring in the new year.


Start Buying Christmas Gifts for Him Right Now

Whether you're purchasing a gift for your boyfriend, your husband, or even your dad or brother, there are so many gifts for him that he'll love.

Use some of the ideas you see here to think about what you want to buy for the special man in your life. No matter what you decide on, make it something that you know he'll love when he opens it.

And if you want to make sure you have the best Christmas ever this year, read our blog for tips on hosting the perfect family Christmas.

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