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Snovio: The Best Email Checker and Email Verifier Outreach Tool!

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Email Checker

Have you ever wondered whether all the mailing lists in your database are credible enough for you to run an email marketing campaign? Is the bounce rate of your mailing account low enough to send hundreds of emails daily? Or are you already close to crash? Most of the Marketing Executives face these potential problems on a daily basis. As companies continue to invest billions of dollars into their digital marketing campaigns, the need to control processes becomes quite important. In such an instance, having a powerful tool, which works as an email checker at your disposal, becomes quintessential when determining the success or failure of a campaign.

Snovio Email Verifier:

Sourcing emails are like a hide-and-seek game. You would think that you are doing and taking all the right steps in executing a diligently thought-out strategy, but in the digital world, that is not enough. If you are careful, you might end up saving your company millions of dollars, and earn the reputation of being a responsible and hard-working team player, who is ambitious, yet conservative, when it comes to doing your due diligence.

It is not very often that tech companies innovate a product like Snovio. In our experience, we have seen many products that have branded themselves as being an email checker or an email verifier. Unfortunately, their shelf life had not been too great.

With Snovio entering the market, we strongly feel that things are about to change. As an email verifier, Snovio is a game-changer in the industry. It is not only a useful check-tool but also efficient and powerful. One of the best things about Snovio is that it is a SaaS platform, so it works seamlessly on any operating systems either Mac, Linux, or Microsoft. Snovio offers unparalleled levels of accuracy as an email verifier for numerous email providers.

Snovio Email Verifier

Snovio Bulk Email Checker and Validator:

Let us get one thing out of the way right away. We cannot stress the importance of a credible tool that checks out and verifies emails. Snovio as a tool is by far the best quick email existence instrument. Moreover, it is available as a Chrome extension that has been rated 4.8 stars by Google Webstore users. It is not only the best but also the fastest email verifier that we have ever tested.

The bounce rate is the main reason why businesspeople start searching for a verifier tool. Most people who are not well aware of how such tools work, or how capable they are as a service, do not consider the efficacy of the tool in severely limiting bounce rates.

Some skeptics are very concerned with regard to downloading software, the memory it will consume, the download process, and how secure it would be. However, Snovio helps to reduce such concerns by just being an ‘Online Software’ meaning that you would never have to download it.

Snovio Bulk Email Checker and Validator

Snovio Optimizes Marketing and Outreach Strategies

In our experience of working with many professionals belonging to different industries, we have found that many of them are unaware of some of the basics when it comes to optimizing campaigns. For example, many in the industry do not know that Google or any other email provider suspend accounts and campaigns if the bounce rate is too high. Let us explain: if there are emails sent to invalid addresses, the same bounces back to your server. What happens after is the suspension of the account, as the algorithm starts thinking that you are trying to spam people. Typically, the bounce rate should stay within the 10%-15% mark. Snovio as an email verifier helping to limit and curtail such a bounce rate, thereby, optimizing the campaigns, by validating your email lists.

Real-time verification ensures that Snovio keeps delivering fresh results all the time. Snovio also helps to aggregate data from various services. It defines emails with catchall status or invalid one. Time is a luxury that many businesspeople are not blessed with. Snovio works with lightning-fast efficiency, no matter the volume of emails in your list. Surely, if you’ve got thousands or even millions of email addresses, it will take you more time to check the lists.

Outreach Strategies

Snovio Email Verifier that also Exports Valid Email

Snovio as an outreach tool for marketing, sales, and HR personnel works beautifully well in terms of organizing, structuring, and delineating your work. Exporting valid emails, and creating a list of prospects is an ambitious dream that many marketers plan to execute, but most of the time, they are unable to do so efficiently. With Snovio you can:

  • Export all prospects and emails;
  • Export valid and verified emails only (these are quite correctly marked Green);
  • Individually export valid and uncertain statuses. Snovio exports prospects whose emails were found to be invalid but ensures that their emails are not exported.

A Cost-Effective Email Verifier:

By now, you must be thinking that such software would definitely require breaking the bank. Let us begin by telling you that we strongly feel that any technology should always be affordable, easy-to-use, enabling and helping grow individuals and businesses.

We were quite happy when the good folks at Snovio told us that ‘Snovio is Free’. Yes, you heard it right! Their Freemium plan allows one email address verification to come to 0.5 credits. Do not get confused. Everyone gets 100 credits a month as free usage. In other words, you get 200 free email verifications per month. That is definitely a huge deal.

Following the expiration of the free credits, you can purchase plans for as low as 29$ from Snovio. Again, as compared to others in the market offering similar products Snovio is definitely a sweet spot.

Final Verdict:

We always feel that technology and humanity have to help each other in order to grow and develop. Everyone in the tech world keeps pushing boundaries of what should be the best product and innovation. Some are good on some parameters; some are not so good on some. However, we understand how much planning, work hours, and the need to be different motivates tech and software companies. Snovio is a right step in that direction: it is forward-looking, affordable, and aims to minimize manual human efforts. In the truest sense of the world, it is one of the world’s best-automated verification tools in 2019.

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