The best feature regarding bulk SMS services is that it can be simply incorporated into your present marketing procedures. It is lucrative and produces a really effective ROI. With bulk SMS marketing services you can approach your target audiences quickly and can produce more sales and business.

We all recognize, today mobile devices are successfully employed in text communications, and according to the data online more than 90% SMS on mobile devices are opened and interpreted by the users.

If you are a business and want to approach your intended base quickly and increase your business, there cannot be a better alternative than bulk SMS services. Bulk SMS services are simple to send and administer; you can simply send your SMS to a large number of people in just a few minutes. Also, you can simply check the performance of your SMS marketing campaign.

Here are some reasons to employ bulk SMS services in your SMS marketing campaign.

1. Quick and Dependable:

To initiate with bulk SMS, you just require an internet connection, an arrangement to deliver SMS and you are good enough to go in just some minutes. You can deliver your SMS to a large number of people within less or no time, you will initiate to get the replies as well. It is dependable too, as the messages are delivered via telecom operators; there is no possibility of being stuck meanwhile.

2. Highly Intended:

Not like any other marketing method where you are not certain if your SMS approached to the correct people, in bulk SMS, you can deliver intended messages. Also, in bulk SMS, you can deliver customized messages to every group of people, which is successful in any marketing campaign.

3. Low Price and Higher ROI:

Price of SMS marketing is low in comparison to any other promotional medium. So, with much lesser resources, in comparison to any other medium, your SMS reach to your big target base, so through bulk SMS you can get huge ROI.

4. High Open Rate:

According to internet data, more than 90% SMS are opened and interpreted (in email marketing, standard open rate is amid 15-25%) and more than 50% messages are interpreted within just a few minutes of delivering. I individually think that bulk SMS offers a fast and best open rate in comparison to any other direct promotion channel.

5. Higher Conversion Rate:

Bulk SMS has advanced conversion rate in comparison to any other direct promotion channel. According to the data, coupons delivered via text messages are exchanged 10% more than any other kind of discount codes. This may be because of less number of messages being accepted. But, the significant point here is that SMS marketing has very high conversion as well as high meeting rate.

6. No SPAM Filters:

In bulk SMS, there are no such filters like SPAM or whatever thing, so you can make sure that your SMS approached to your target base. With SMS marketing you can deliver marketing text messages to several non-DND numbers in India right away.

7. Email vs. SMS:

Bulk SMS is very successful, although according to data on the internet, we usually get 150 text messages generally in a month and most of them are from companions and relatives. While we get more than 1000 emails on an average and most of them are junk. Thus, in bulk SMS there is less possibility that your SMS will be misplaced in the deluge of messages.

8. Clients Appreciate:

Clients appreciate if their brands deliver text messages, it could be informative messages or update on their services or perhaps offers and endorsements. The best instance of SMS marketing can be perceived in E-commerce industry or in banking segments. Clients love to obtain the text messages from their preferred brands as they feel unique.

9. Client Retention:

SMS marketing also helps brands in sustaining clients; a company can deliver customized offers to the current or ex-customers to hold them. According to the data customized communications with your clients or ex-customers can assist them feel particular and therefore it definitely has an effect.

10. Increasing Mobile Users:

We understand how the mobile users are increasing and thanks to these double SIM phones, as a promoter, it offers you with even more chance to promote your products or services employing bulk SMS. With the increasing mobile users, you can approach more people employing bulk SMS services and can produce more leads and more sales. And, we understand the number of mobile users will keep increasing.

In the end, there are some other methods available like Magento SMS extension, bulk SMS software, SMS extension, etc., which help businesses in gaining huge recognition.


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