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Everything you need to know about Offset Printing Services

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Offset Printing Services

Digitization in India has not touched the larger marketing segments within the rural and semi-urban areas. People still depend on print media for news, magazines, and periodicals. Moreover, the Indian thinking pattern is still oriented towards offset printing services than other forms. It is possible to reach a large number of target audiences because the printing cost is economical when it comes to large-scale bulk orders.

Offset Printing services – Prime Scan:

Prime Scan is one of the pioneering companies to popularize high-quality digital grade offset printing in India. They understand the importance of printing on paper and physical media for improving marketing reach. The experts have conducted extensive research works in the relation between print media and the Indian psyche. Here are a few excerpts from their works.

Image Quality:

Consistency in maintaining the image quality has been one of the toughest talks for printers in India.  Digital printing can work efficiently when the size is small and the numbers are within a limited range.  Traditional offset printing could not serve the purpose as they lacked the color technology and resolution. Prime Scan introduced the latest offset printing technology into the Indian market to attract the attention of corporate companies and consumers.

The evolution of offset printing technology to include high-quality images has prompted almost all the leading corporate sector companies to choose it as the primary medium. Moreover, it is easy to split the printing sheets into multiple sections and join them at the time of displaying the banners and posters.

Audience Reach:

Offset printing can reach to more number of target audiences in the semi-urban and rural areas. Though the digital technology has reached all the villages, visualization of information, promotion, and other aspects of marketing become easy with offset printing. Moreover, the prints will have long lasting impressions on the Indian psyche than the digital forms of online advertising.

Printing Surfaces:

Offset printing can work for fabrics, paper, cardboard, metal, synthetic, rubber, glass, and a vast range of other media. It is easy to use the multiple combinations of colors and font styles to match with the exact expectations of the target audiences. Concrete and wood are the media on which offset printing can deliver the best quality output.

Ink Conservation:

Prime Scan offset printing services have adopted the latest technology machines and equipment for saving ink while printing on large scale. In turn, it is an indirect benefit for the customers since the rates will be made economical.

Ink Quality:

In spite of using the optimized volume of ink, it is possible to deliver the highest quality of printing quality parameters. Color combination, brightness and contrast, integration of text and images, and intensity of emotional appeal are some of the key parameters that enhance customer experience.

Ink Tones:

Indians prefer to have solid ink tones in their printing because of the deep impressions they create. It can be constant on any type of paper, regardless of the ply, paper type, quality, surface glossiness, and finishing. Moreover, the durability of printing quality is always longer for the offset printing than the digital printing.

Offset Lithography:

Producing sharp quality is easy for offset printing services than the other forms. As you can observe, the intricate printing patterns on the paper media increase for corporate and business advertisements. It applies to products and services from a vast range of industries and business establishments.

Getting a large volume of printing within the shortest possible time is made simple and easy with the offset printing services. Prime Scan is a leading company which ash specialized in this field. You can find a large number of corporate and business brands in India switching over their offset printing services.

Multiple Usages

Once you get the printing plates from offset printing services providers, it is possible to use them multiple times with the same quality and precision. The printing cost and time will significantly reduce.

Large Projects

Large-scale marketing and industrial projects that run for months and years require regular printing services. They could be in the form of journals, magazines, advertisements, and marketing material publications. Offset printing services can be helpful due to the large-scale applications and cost-effectiveness.

Offset Printing services – technology Updates:

The frequent updates in offset printing services technologies in India are much faster and relevant than the others. You can consider the example of a Wedding card. Offset printers will have a large volume of templates from which the customers can choose. They can take the samples back home, show it to the family members and then choose the best.

The same principles and practices apply to the other forms of offset printing services for commercial and non-commercial sectors. Hence, Prime Scan research works have positively determined the need and relevance of offset printing services to be more in India than the other formats.

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