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How To Navigate The Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends?

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read October 18, 2019

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If we consider how fast technology advances, we’ll know that the same goes for digital marketing trends. With every technological change, digital marketing adapts to the change. Digital marketing companies in Dubai tend to research all new relevant trends that may help and improve their future marketing campaigns.

There were many talks about this topic, and one of the most informative articles is on this link Navigating the top 5 marketing trends is not necessarily easy, but it’s possible to achieve. You should consider that every aspect of digital marketing plays a vital part in the campaign’s success.

What Should You Do When You Hit The Dead End?

In case you still don’t know how can digital marketing help you grow your business, find at least one out of many digital marketing agencies in Dubai and across the UAE, and ask them to clarify everything that you’re unsure of. You can find many marketing agencies throughout the entire UAE, and be sure to choose the right one for your needs.

If the situation is different, and you’re unsure of what specific digital marketing segments can do for your company, read more about what can SEO accomplish when it comes to your digital marketing goals.

Navigating Modern Digital Marketing Trends Is Crucial

Don’t miss out on any new digital marketing trend because this may lead in the wrong direction if you’re trying to grow your company. Also, try to avoid everything that becomes trendy since not every marketing trend can be useful for your business. Discover trends that suit your company the best, and are also permanent trends instead of short-lived ones.

Personalization Has Become Popular For A Good Reason

Personalization has become very customized and sophisticated, while its popularity is still on the rise. Modern technologies allow us to follow up on each step of the customer’s journey via precise datasets and tools. Although the benefits of personalization are quite clear, it seems that many brands and companies don’t want to put their time and resources in personalization. That’s the mistake they shouldn’t make.

Artificial Intelligence, along with machine learning, is capable of supporting an accurate personalization strategy only by learning virtually about what customers want to purchase. When using AI, you can customize each step of the entire customers’ journey – from introduction to making a new purchase. With help from big data systems, companies can identify online users that are the best match of a potential customer through intense analysis. From there, AI is capable of offering personalized shopping suggestions based on historical behavior patterns as well as on the users’ preferences.

Companies that use AI technology within their personalization strategy say that their revenue increased by about 25% while the number of returning customers has gone up to 37%. All of this gives us a glimpse of how significant personalization marketing trend is.

Live Videos Are Killing It

Did you know that live videos make up 66% of all internet usage today? Did you know that it’s expected that this number will jump in a couple of years to a jaw-dropping 80%!? If there anything else we should say before you take your smartphone and start streaming live while you read through this article, let us know.

Videos, in general, have been one of the most important digital marketing methods for a while now. Live videos, on the other hand, are even more accessible and much more useful. Real-time advertisement is a whole new level of advertisement, and be sure to jump into the live-video boat.

Influencer Marketing Is Still Very Important

If you look at the numbers alone, you’ll realize that influencer marketing is still among the best digital marketing trends for any company to use. Every digital agency Dubai knows how vital influencer marketing is, and that is why they suggest their clients that they should think about utilizing this marketing method into their marketing campaigns. A recent study shows that micro-influencers drive much more engagement than their larger counterparts. About three times larger, which is astonishing! The power of micro-influencer lies in the fact that they have the authority in their specified niche.

The Role That Instant Conversations Have

Digital marketing companies in Dubai claim that instant conversations play a significant role in every effective digital marketing campaign. Instant communication and the demand for it has increased a lot in the last couple of years. Around 77% of customers claim that they won’t purchase if online support is not available on the website. Chances for people to buy something when live support is present are 4 to 5 times bigger. Instant communication has become one of the most important marketing trends to think about.

Making Real-Life Connection

After you’ve obtained popularity for your brand online, an excellent marketing method is to try and switch it offline. What does this mean? Numerous tests showed excellent results. Various incredibly popular online brands opened up physical (offline) shops for people to visit. The methodology used here has proven to be very successful since the customers and fans of the brand became ecstatic to finally see the products and try them on before they decide to buy them.

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