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Robert De Niro’s Girlfriend, Tiffany Chen Diagnosed With Palsy After Giving Birth!

author-img By sagnika sinha 5 Mins Read July 19, 2023

Robert De Niro's Girlfriend, Tiffany Chen Diagnosed

After giving birth to her first child with Robert De Niro, Tiffany Chen said she had been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. She informed in her first interview with CBS Mornings after giving birth that she had been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. “My face was melting on itself.” she said.

In the interview, the new mother said she started feeling strange when she returned home after giving birth. Her tongue felt weird. There was a little tingle around it. She also informed me that she was starting to feel numb around the face, and there was a bizarre feeling around it.

She realized after she went to the hospital that everything about her face felt weird, but she lost all facial functions during that time. Also, she had difficulty eating; however, before the delivery, she considered her condition as an impact of having the baby.

Bell’s Palsy was the condition, and Chen has been diagnosed. It is a neurological disorder that causes facial paralysis or severe muscle weakness.

Chen further informed that she has been facing challenges in the form of complications after giving birth. Robert De Niro became a father for the seventh time with this baby, while for Chen, this is her first time in motherhood.

The age gap between the couple is at least 35 to 36 years, with Niro at 79, fathering a baby girl. The proud parents have revealed their daughter’s name as Gia Virginia Chen De Niro and shared her picture. While appearing on a US show, Niro said the baby was 8 lbs after birth.

The relationship between the couple started in the film The Intern while Niro was shooting for it. The couple were then spotted in the South of France on a romantic Vacation in 2021, giving rise to rumors of linkups and relationships. Besides the daughter with Chen, Niro is a father to six children.

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