Michelle Yeoh has tied the knot with his Fiance Jean Todt, after 19 years of engagement. Michelle Yeoh, an Oscar-winning actress, married her long-term partner, a former CEO of Ferrari, Jean Todt, in a confidential ceremony in Geneva on Thursday.

One of the guests of their marriage ceremony Massa has shared photos of these happy couples and their close ones, along with a selfie with the bride and groom. However, the wedding ceremony was kept private for the most part.

Another image of Michelle’s wedding showed the actress in a cream milk shirt and tasseled cream skirt, where other guests have also been shown in an ornately decorated Genevan Building.

Although the actress has been having a great year professionally and personally, she became the first Asian woman to receive the honorary Oscar award this year in March. She further described it as a significant milestone resulting from the efforts for a long time.

On the other hand, Michelle’s new project has already started, and she has officially returned to the Star Trek universe. As per the information of “people” magazine, “The sweet carousel of images also featured shots of Yeoh in a different wedding outfit, a nude lace dress with a silk bodice. In one pic, she and Todt, who remained in the same dapper blue suit throughout the celebrations, smiled and embraced, while her golden Oscar statuette made a guest appearance in the foreground of the image.”

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