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Kanye West Running For President! Thinks Wife Bianca “Will Be Perfect First Lady”

author-img By Susmita Sen 5 Mins Read August 25, 2023 Last Updated on: November 21st, 2023

Kanye West Running For President! Thinks Wife Bianca “Will Be Perfect First Lady”

Renowned celebrity Kanye West, aged 46, has been enjoying an extended vacation alongside his partner in picturesque destinations like Japan and Italy. However, the music icon is gearing up to re-engage with his political aspirations in the near future.

Recent reports from The U.S. Sun have unveiled a series of intriguing developments in West’s life. His new wife, 28-year-old Bianca Censori, has been granted special power of attorney to oversee certain financial matters on his behalf. Notably, West has divested a property that stood opposite his former wife, Kim Kardashian.


West, the creative force behind the Yeezy shoe and clothing line, is slated to collaborate with the controversial figure Dov Charney, the founder of American Apparel, to breathe new life into his fashion ventures. However, insiders suggest that West’s primary focus will pivot towards his political campaign over the upcoming weeks.

Financial records indicate that West took his inaugural shot at the presidency in 2020, a venture that saw him allocate over $12.4 million of his personal funds to the ultimately unsuccessful endeavor.

Despite this setback, recent information confirms that West has yet to formalize his bid for the upcoming presidential race in 2024. His previous candidacy was registered under the ‘The Birthday Party’ banner with the Federal Election Commission in 2020.

A credible source close to the situation, speaking to The U.S. Sun, shared insights into West’s mindset. “He’s 100 percent still running for president again.” By enlisting Dov’s expertise for Yeezy and empowering Bianca with significant responsibilities, he intends to channel his energies into the 2024 campaign.

The Sun also mentioned that despite a less triumphant attempt last time, he has taken a step back from the public eye and is now in a notably improved space following the conclusion of his divorce from Kim.

As West navigates his business endeavors and personal transformations, the world watches anxiously to see how he will juggle his creative ventures with his renewed political pursuits.

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