“Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts and her long time fiance Amber Laign are set to wed this September. The couple had been in a relationship for almost two decades. They met in 2005 through a blind date set up. They kept most of their relationship private due to their sexuality.

But in 2013, Roberts went public with their relationship and her sexuality. Before their upcoming wedding, Roberts co workers from GMA threw the couple an on air bachelorette party. Here is the complete timeline of the couple’s relationship.

Amber Laign shared how the couple met in 2005 on their 15th anniversary by sharing an Instagram post in 2020. The post was then reshared by Roberts. Laign mentioned in the post how they meet through a blind date set up which they both wanted to cancel twice.

But when they finally met there was a spark they both instantly felt which they couldn’t deny. Laign wrote in the Instagram post, "Your grace caught my eye right away and the ease of the evening continued to flow through dinner." They soon arranged a second date.

"You left for Tahiti the following day and during that time apart I grew this feeling inside of me that still, is very present today....butterflies," wrote Laign in the post. Roberts also wrote about their first meeting in her memoir, "Everybody's Got Something."

In 2007 Roberts was diagnosed with breast cancer that became the changing point in their relationship as Laign supported her throughout the treatment.

In 2013 Roberts revealed her relationship with Laign through a Facebook post. She also thanked her doctors, family and Laign for being with her through a bone marrow transplant for her myelodysplastic syndrome. This was the new year post that also revealed her sexuality to the public.

In 2015 the couple together adopted a dog, Lukas after both their individual dogs passed away.

In 2020 the couple quarantined together as Roberts mentions their experience of Covid -19 lockdown in an interview with People magazine in 2021. Laign would help Roberts with filming segments of GMA in the house during the pandemic.

In 2022 Laign was diagnosed with breast cancer revealed by Roberts in an X (formerly Twitter) post.

July of 2022 Roberts commemorates the end of radiation treatment for Laign.

In January 2023 the couple announced their engagement to the public during a segment of GMA.

In August 2023 GMA team threw the couple's bachelorette party on the air.

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