Quality v Quantity Content

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Quality v Quantity Content

The argument about whether the quantity or quality of your content is most important has been raging for years. On one hand, who could argue with quality content? On the other, why would you not want as much content as possible, for more links, more likes and more chances of success?

Like any good debate, there are good points on both sides, and ultimately where you land will depend on your business and your strategy. Here we will look at – as objectively as possible – the arguments behind better-quality content and those behind a greater quantity so that you can make up your own mind.

Quality v Quantity Content:

Quantity means more – blogs, links and chances to go viral:

For the gamblers among you, there’s no doubt that quantity means more – more chance of success. The more content you produce, the greater your odds of that content landing and really resonating with your audience. If you cover lots of relevant topics, it’s highly likely that they will find some of it interesting. If you really strike gold then your content might go viral and attract a huge amount of engagement and brand awareness. The ones they don’t won’t matter and will be forgotten.

More content means more backlinks. Many sites will only accept exclusive pieces of content as guest posts. If you’re spending days and weeks trying to make these posts absolutely perfect then you’re not going to produce many articles and not going to get the backlinks. In general, the more backlinks you get to your site, the better your SEO performance will be.

You always have the option of paying a copywriting agency to produce your content. This is the most sensible way to produce the amount of content you need at the right price.

Quality content is better for your brand and more valuable to customers:

As it happens, the argument for quality content as the most important factor is almost exactly inverse to those for quantity. For those who value quality, there is no argument. Better content is more valuable to customers, so the cost in time and money pays back many times over in business won.

Your audience is more likely to engage with, and maybe, more importantly, pass on, something they deem to be of high value. They’re unlikely to share your quick blog and much more likely to share your independently researched, groundbreaking white paper that’s been professionally designed. You may not be able to produce as many pieces of high-quality content, but they’re much more likely to drive a return.

Quality can mean more, and better, backlinks:

The same is true for backlinks. Valuable content opens up a whole new level of the quality website whose domain authority (and impact on your SEO) will far outweigh any single piece of average content. It’s more likely to produce more links, too, as a wide variety of sites will find it useful for their users.

Budget, in terms of both money and resource, can be an issue. If you’re producing the content yourself then it will take a lot of time which you may not be able to spare. If you just put the person with least experience on the job, then your potential customers will be able to tell. If you outsource, any good agency will price their services accordingly. Quality content requires more care, research and time, and the client will have to pay.

Find the balance that suits you:

In an ideal world, you’d produce a high quantity of great-quality content. In reality, the answer will be somewhere in between. At no time should you completely sacrifice quality? Your brand is valuable, and if it becomes associated with low quality, you may never be able to drive enough business to keep you going in the long term.

However, spend too much time and budget on each piece and you won’t produce enough to keep people interested. Quantity of backlinks is important, and sometimes you need to produce things that aren’t perfect to achieve this. Ultimately, you know your business and audience best and are well placed to make the decision.

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