The word “engaging” has become a fixture in the online content landscape over the past years. Many content marketing experts have discussed it, and many brands have invested so much ensuring such aspect on all of the content they produce.

However, despite the apparent importance being attached to what we call “engaging content”, many companies and independent business bloggers struggle when it comes to consistently creating engaging content that has the potential to viral across the different channels being utilized by a particular person or business.

In fact, according to a study conducted by Moz and BuzzSumo, 75% of one million online articles they analyzed were not engaging content. This is disturbing because a content that failed to engage with readers means no transformation ever took place – transformation that could have converteda mere reader into either a lead or paying customer.

To be fair, creating an engaging content is not a piece of cake – and there is a lot of reason for failing to so. According to 2017 B2B Content Marketing survey of HubSpot, not having enough time devoted to content marketing, and content creation challenges have topped the factors to B2B marketer’s decreased success over the last year.

That said, there are surefire steps that can help you up your content generation strategy and ensure a positive result. To learn these, check out the key takeaways below from the infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines, which discusses the step by step procedure that you should follow to create an engaging content that produces results.

  1. Focus on current trends.
  2. Write stories that appeal to readers’ emotions.
  3. Drive engagement with visual elements.
  4. Support your content with facts and links to sources.
  5. Diversify your types of content.
  6. Give them something to takeaway.

Checkout the infographic below to learn more about the tips of creating engaging content

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