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Four Productivity Tips for Working from Home

author-img By Sumona 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Working from Home

Working from home has become a fact of life for many workers in the UK, as the coronavirus pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote working capabilities for the majority of companies.

As of January 2022, one in three working adults had worked at least one day out of the week at home.

While working from home can be far more comfortable than office work, it also presents a number of unique difficulties – not in the least when it comes to productivity.

So, what can you do to protect your work from home productivity?

4 Elite Productivity Tips For Working from Home

1. Create a Designated Work Space

Create a Designated Work Space

Creating a designated space in your home for work can ensure you remain on task during the day. No matter your intentions, you will not be more productive from your bed or sofa!

Even if your workstation is a temporary set-up at your kitchen or dining room table, creating a specific area for work can help you get into the working mindset.

2. Dress Smart, but Comfortable

Dress Smart, but Comfortable

When at work in a professional setting such as an office, smart business wear is often a must, in order to make a positive and professional impression.

When working from home, this dynamic shifts a little – and you have a little more freedom with your choice of dress, especially if there is no webcam contact whatsoever in your role.

Though it might be tempting to go full loungewear mode, you should still dress somewhat smartly; the clothes you wear can have an implicit impact on your productivity, and working in pajamas could well put you to sleep.

A smart-casual blend of women’s cropped trousers and comfortable jumpers or cardigans can strike the balance, or well-worn jeans and a loose-knit jumper for men.

3. Draw Up a Robust Morning Routine

Draw Up a Robust Morning Routine

Without the rigors of a morning routine and commute, the start to a day working from home can feel a bit listless. Establishing a morning routine can ensure you are refreshed and ready to go at the start of each day.

This routine should include everything from your morning shower to your first steps at work – including drawing up a daily to-do list to keep you on track.

4. Set Clear Boundaries

Set Clear Boundaries

Working from home can blur the boundaries between your professional and personal life, making it more important than ever to make that boundary clear. You should follow a strict timetable for work, and leave your workday behind once you are finished.

These boundaries go both ways; you should also be ensuring that your personal life is not impinging on your ability to work. Having a dedicated office space can go some way to helping with this, as being in it can signal to other members of your household that you are busy.

You should also prevent yourself from using personal social media while in work hours.

Having a separate browser account attributed to a work email address means you can block unnecessary social media sites and retain bookmarked access to important resources – which also serves your boundaries with regard to your working day.

Closing out of your work account, and opening up your personal browser account can draw a line under your working day.

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