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6 Ways to Make Your Social Media Video Marketing Strategy Work

author-img By Arnab Dey 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Video Marketing Strategy

Social media platforms now largely influence daily people around the globe. There are billions of people using social platforms in their daily lives. No matter the intention, they engage with their friends, family, and community members through various social media platforms.

Today, most social media users spend their time watching videos rather than plain texts and images. According to a survey, the amount of time people spend watching videos on social media is increasing by 32% on average per year.

People spent almost 100 minutes a day watching videos online in the year 2021, and this watching time is expected to increase. This is the reason marketers are now keen to push their narrative through videos, and social media platforms are the best place to promote the product or service through the video.

With a proper video marketing strategy, a marketer can successfully promote the business to generate leads. Social media video marketing strategy is not similar to TV commercials or polished educational videos. The format of these types of videos is meant to impress social media users, and this is what every marketer needs to know.

For a successful social media marketing strategy, you need to know a few crucial things.

Here Are The 6 Ways That Make Your Social Media Video Marketing Strategy Successful:

1. Set the target of video marketing

Before starting the video campaign on social media, it is a recommendation to set your goal. What is the main target of your video marketing campaign? If you are clear about your goal, you can thoroughly progress through the campaign.

Various targets can be achieved through the video marketing strategy. For instance, some marketers try to increase brand awareness, while others want to generate leads through the video marketing strategy. According to the goal, the videos are produced.

Some businesses use videos for advertising purposes only. They can start this just by targeting the product page of their website, and then they can increase the criteria.

This strategy is much more effective where the brand is directly connected with consumers. Most of the FMCG and consumer electronic items are best promoted through this strategy. Create such videos to impress the customer and solve their queries regarding the particular product.

2. Choose the proper social media platform

There are a number of social media platforms, and they are not supporting a single format of video. Though Facebook supports different video formats, newer platforms like TikTok and Snapchat support their format.

This is the reason you should make sure about the platform, and after that, you can make the video align properly with that platform.

According to the data from Statista, people spend almost half of their time watching videos on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. So, it is ideal to choose one of these platforms to start your video marketing campaign.

Apart from that, you need also to consider the video dimensions to be displayed on these platforms. This is crucial because the tendency of the users differ from each other on these platforms, and if you want to repurpose the videos, it is best to choose the right platform that complements the video you have made.

3. Choose the perfect video type

There are different types of videos used by marketers to engage with the audience. Some of the popular types of videos are mentioned below.

Entertaining videos mainly include jokes, pranks, or other characters. The objective of these videos is to showcase the product’s features by entertaining the viewers.

  • Testimonial videos-  These videos highlight the pros of the product or service the brand offers. The customers who have already used the product or service express their satisfaction with these videos, and these are the most effective ways to drive more sales by motivating an audience.
  • Educational videos are mainly meant to create brand awareness for the customers who are new to the business. Educational videos are made in a polished manner to impress them with the first look. In this way, it will be easy to promote the brand polishedly.
  • Interview videos– Interview videos are perfect for being introduced to influencers. When the respective guest endorses the brand, it will increase the authenticity of the business. These are the best videos that increase the brand’s popularity drastically.

4. Proper video production plan

A great video can be produced when you have a proper plan. A foolproof video production plan can also save time and money. There are several ways you can create a video and after shooting, you can use various video makers free of cost, to edit them to make the video more engaging.

Several agencies also work brilliantly on content production and post-production. If you want to have perfect videos, then hire them.

On the other hand, today’s people prefer to produce the video by themselves in-house. However, it requires appropriate gadgets, skills, and post-production exercises. From writing a powerful script to editing, everything needs appropriate skills that can make the video head-turner when you upload them on social media.

5. Post-production of the video

Post-production of the video

Post-production of a video is all about polishing and finishing the video that can impress others. Post-production doesn’t limit cutting scenes and putting them back with the music. Some videos need slight post-production, but some other videos mainly meant for the Facebook ads need special and precise post-production exercises to garner more popularity from the audience.

Some video-sharing platforms like YouTube offer online video editing tools to make the video interesting. In this way, you can use the online tools that will rightly deliver outstanding videos.

6. Schedule and promotion of the video

Once the video production is done, this is the time to schedule and promote the video. After uploading the videos to social media, people think that their job is done, but this is no end. You have to promote the video properly to yield results.

To promote the videos, create a proper hashtag and use a different part of the video on different platforms to promote that. Once the video gets popular, the audience will automatically watch the video.

Video promotion can take a few hours to a few months. So, it is recommended to follow proper promotional tips to get the job done. Once the video gets popular, the brands don’t have to push more to drive leads.


Social media video marketing is the best way to reach a maximum audience within a short time. However, if you follow the proper marketing strategy plan, that will surely deliver the desired result.

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