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Top 5 Side Hustles To Start While Working From Home During Coronavirus Pandemic

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Side Hustles

With the Coronavirus or COVID 10 pandemic wreaking havoc, many people are being laid off. However, rather than being upset or brooding over such problems, it is a good time to start a side hustles to earn extra income. 

Almost all businesses are asking their employees to work from home. This means that you are saving at least a couple of hours of travel time every day. If you are smart and ambitious, you can devote this time to learn a new skill or invest in new talent. 

In this article, we are going to help millions of people who are working from home create extra income. This is going to help you tide over the Coronavirus crisis and learn during the lockdown. 

Top 5 Side Hustles to start while Working From Home: The List

1. Start trading in Cryptocurrencies

If you have been following the news, you will see how global currencies are suffering from a meltdown. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies are maintaining their value, or even growing in value. With the rise of cryptocurrency trading platforms, you too can earn handsomely. 

If you were looking to become a Bitcoin Banker, this is the best time to do it. Start by educating yourself and researching the right kind of platform. Go slow when it comes to trading and make low-risk trades every day. 

2. Pick up Social Media tricks and become an Influencer

Social media usage has increased by over 67% during the lockdown. This means people are spending more time than ever on social media. It is a good time to pick up some tricks and become an influencer to earn some side hustles money.

Whatever your passion, be it cooking, or gardening or even fitness, you can create your social media page and put in content. You can also bring some happiness into the lives of other people by creating a social media page of your pet! This will bring in a lot of sponsorships and increase your fan base. 

3. Become a Delivery Agent with Amazon or Walmart

Essential services like Amazon and Walmart are working 24×7 to deliver groceries and other necessities all over the world. By devoting two to three hours every day, you can not only earn handsomely but also help so many people get their required needs. 

However, if you are going out, you will need to be sufficiently protected at all times. Please wear an N95 Face Mask, carry sanitizers and maintain your distance at all times. You will see that you have saved away a very tidy sum delivery in a couple of months. 

4. Start a Blogging WordPress website

You have always been passionate about blogging on an interest. Now would be a good time to start blogging and working on your website. Even if you are publishing one content piece per day, you will have thirty by the end of the month. 

Start blogging on issues surrounding the Coronavirus, or, any other topic of your choice. Publicize the same on social media and start generating traffic. This will open up new sources of revenue through guest posting and link building.  

5. Dog Walking Services

Even though most countries have clamped severe lockdowns, walking your dog has been placed outside the ambit of the same. This means there are thousands of dogs that have not been walked. Most owners are fearful that they might contract the deadly infection. 

However, if you are protected and are taking the necessary precaution, you can earn handsomely by walking dogs in your neighborhood. Remember, you cannot get the Coronavirus through dogs. 


The world is at a precarious place in terms of the economy. While most people are working from home, some have been laid off. Now would be a good time to pick up a new skill and save that extra income for tougher times ahead.

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