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Top 7 Random Homemade Inventions That Helped Their Creators Earn Millions

author-img By Subham Saha 5 Mins Read March 9, 2021 Last Updated on: April 12th, 2021

Homemade Inventions

A small idea can change your life only when you act on it. Maybe you had a unique idea, but someone else is now earning millions by executing that idea. So, you should take action whenever you think that your idea can impact the world.

Although success isn’t guaranteed, invention ideas can give you a new ray of hope. Some ideas may fail, but you will get experience and learning opportunities. Here you will know about some cool ideas that helped their inventors to earn millions.

Top Inventions That Helped Inventors Earn Millions

The following small inventions helped their creators to earn millions. If you too have an idea, try converting it into a realistic product with davison inventors. This can help you in multiple ways.

1. The Snuggie

Scott Boilen is the man behind the most famous blanket, The Snuggie. The specialty of the product is it’s a blanket but with arms and nothing more. Inventor Boilen said that this banket clicked because of the ridiculous advertising and marketing.

This sleeved blanket earned more than $200 million, and the demand for this product is increasing. This blanket keeps you warm in cold weather, and you can keep your stuff handy in the pocket. Moreover, it’s available in different styles and sizes for different age groups.

2. Santa Mail

It’s one of the most interesting inventions for kids by Byron Reese. He launched Santa Mail in 2002. The idea behind this invention was that millions of kids send their letters to Santa with the hope that he will respond back.

Reese came up with a service that will help kids to send letters to Santa Claus and receive responses from Santa Claus himself. He saw the potential in this market, and he only added a small service fee of $9.95.

3. Koosh Ball

Even if you have never heard the name Scott Stillinger, you may have noticed his creation somewhere in your office, home, or at a toy store. He brought Koosh Ball’s idea when he was trying to tie rubber bands to make a small ball for his kids.

4. Wacky Wall Wacker

You must have heard about the popular television personality, Dr. Fad. His original name is Ken Hakuta, who is not only a television personality but also an inventor. Although he owns the rights to Wacky Wall Wacker, credit goes to his mother, who sent it as a gift to Hakuta from China.

The toy looks like walking down the wall that it’s thrown at. Initially, the product was not famous, and sales were not also impressive. However, it became popular and made $80 million in a matter of months after a Washington Post reporter wrote an article on it.

5. Pet Rock

Can you imagine that people can earn millions by selling rocks? Gary Dahi made it with his innovative idea and gained a profit of more than $15 million only in a matter of six months.

Although it sounds ridiculous, he helped people with a pet training manual and a cardboard box. He became a millionaire by selling rocks only at $3.95. Doesn’t it sound surprising? So, why are you waiting for your idea?

6. Slinky

You will be surprised to know how a small incident helped Richard James to earn more than $250 Million. He was a naval engineer and came up with the idea of Slinky after he dropped a tension spring and observed how that spring moved on the floor.

7. Antenna Balls

Have you ever noticed antenna balls on anyone’s car? Maybe you have one in your car. Jason Wall is the man behind this yellow ubiquitous smiley face antenna ball. He became a rich man by selling these balls at different car stores in California.

In 1998, he tried some designs and sold these antennas locally. He earned more than a million-dollar by selling these balls and taking them to giant supply chain stores like Walmart. Later he became the CEO of  In-Concept Inc in 2009.


Hopefully, the above information has helped you know how some people made millions with their small ideas. If you have such a small innovative idea, act on it as soon as possible, don’t delay before someone else comes up with a product or service.

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