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Broad-Spectrum Protection Against Misconceptions: 6 Myths About Solar Energy to Debunk

author-img By Arnab Dey 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Myths About Solar Energy

In today’s day in age, the benefits of solar energy are blinding but before utilization, first make sure to get rid from myths about solar energy completely. While installing solar panels or swapping out your traditional phone charger for a solar-powered alternative does translate to reduced air pollution, improved health, and financial gains, you don’t want to commit to solar energy blindly.

Before you invest in solar panels, you’ll want to conduct the necessary research and flip through an expert-approved guide to solar, before whipping out your wallet.

Additionally, you’ll want to master the ability to distinguish fact from fiction. Otherwise, common myths about solar energy, like those spotlighted below, will burn you in the end.

Not sure if you’ve been subjected to a broad spectrum of solar energy myths? Take a look at the common misconceptions below.

Common Myths About Solar Energy:

solar energy

Myth #1: Solar energy only works when it is sunny

Despite swirling misinformation, solar panels can work in just about any weather or season, rain or shine, hot or cold. It doesn’t make much difference. The solar panels will still produce energy during the daytime. For example, Germany is the world leader in solar panels despite their dreary weather.

Myth #2: You can rely on solar energy during an outage

Second one among most well-nurtured myths about solar energy is many homeowners believe that if they install solar panels, the panels can power the house during a power outage. Unfortunately, this is untrue. When solar panels connect to the grid, they will also be down during an outage. Only off-grid panels would work during an outage.

Myth #3: Installing and maintaining solar panels is complicated

solar energy

Despite what many believe, it is very straightforward to install solar panels. Hiring a good installer is important, and will make a difference in the installation and maintenance process. Solar panels are also easier to maintain if connected to the grid, which most will be. If there is a battery system, it will need to be cleaned more often, but that type of system is less common.

Myth #4: Solar panels are too expensive

The myths about solar energy regarding expenditure is debunked as the solar panel installation is much more affordable now than in the past due to more investment in technology. Homeowners should view solar panel installation as an investment and one that they will see a return on in just a few short years.

Myth #5: Solar panels make reselling property difficult

There is a myth that solar panels damage roofs or are ugly and make reselling difficult. Thankfully, this is simply untrue. Modern solar panels are sleek and far from ugly. To some homeowners, solar panels can enhance a home’s appearance. There should be no roof damage if you use a reputable company during installation. Unbeknownst to most, installing solar panels can even increase the value of your home.

Myth #6: Solar panels are bad for the environment

Some people think that solar panels can be bad for the environment or that coal is better. It’s important to remember that coal does not fall in the clean fuel category. Additionally, unlike coal, solar panels can be used for 25 years or more and then recycled.

In summary

There are many myths regarding solar panels, but most are untrue or simply require quality installers and common sense. By shining a light on popular myths about solar energy, you can invest in solar energy worry-free.

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