5 Benefits of Low Voltage Lighting

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Low Voltage Lighting

Low voltage lighting is a popular choice that is more efficient than other types of manmade illumination. Also, it can save money, lower energy consumption, and offer a wide range of applications. Low voltage lights last longer when compared to conventional incandescent bulbs. It consumes up to 30 volts of electricity while incandescent bulbs use around 120 volts.

Low voltage technology was initially developed for use in landscaping. Over time, builders and homeowners have found a variety of new uses for it. It’s often installed as track lighting, under-cabinet lighting, recessed lighting, or strip lighting. We asked Steve from Connect Electric Hobart who specializes in lighting to tell us about some of the benefits of low voltage lighting.

Here are the 5 benefits of low voltage lighting:

i) Environmentally Friendly Lighting

Environmentally Friendly Lighting

Less energy consumption is a good thing. People who are concerned about their impact on the environment will appreciate the efficiency of low voltage lighting. It uses approximately 20% of the energy required to power an incandescent bulb while producing higher quality illumination.

ii) Lower Your Utility Bills

Who doesn’t want to save money? Low voltage lighting can lower your monthly utility bills. They use less electricity and need to be replaced less often. That’s also why so many people love to use low voltage lights outdoors, where lighting may be on for hours at a time.

iii) Produces Minimum Heat

Low voltage lighting doesn’t heat up like older bulbs. That means it won’t increase the temperature in your home. That puts less strain on your cooling system and will also help lower your utility expenses.

Minimal heat also means the lights are safer to handle. A family member or pet won’t end up with a burn if they accidentally touch the bulb. It’s beneficial for household plants that are heat sensitive.

iv) It’s Safe to Use Indoors

Even though it began as an outdoor feature, low voltage lighting is safe for use indoors. Its versatility is one of the reasons why it has become so popular. It requires smaller connections, which means you can install it in more places, including those where incandescent bulbs won’t fit.

If you plan to use low voltage lighting outdoors, there is a lower risk of a shock compared to other options. The bulbs mostly use 12 volts with a power transformer connected to a standard outlet. This eliminates the risk of electrocution should the lights be exposed to rain, snow, or moisture.

v) Practical for Security Applications

Lighting is an essential part of any security system. Criminals do not like to operate in places where they are highly visible and exposed. Low voltage lighting lets you illuminate areas that could serve as entry points or hiding places for unwanted visitors.

The lower energy use means that you won’t mind leaving them on overnight or while you are away. They are also a good choice for motion sensor lighting systems. However, it turns on frequently in areas with a lot of animal or pet traffic.

There are many excellent reasons to give low voltage lights a try. Contact an electrician to learn more about installing energy-efficient lighting in your home.

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