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Let’s Go Green: Simple Tips on How to Choose The Best Solar Panels

author-img By Mashum Mollah 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Solar panels equal to a long time investment as the technology is continuously developing and improving each day. Thus, if you are planning to buy a new solar panel the first question that you must consider is how to determine which solar panel is the best fit for your home?

Should you choose a branded and expensive solar panel? Is there any difference in choosing longevity and quality? Which solar panel will work best for a long period? These are just some of the important factors that you need to consider when selecting the right solar panels in a city like San Diego.

Below are some of the simple tips and ideas for you to choose the best panel. Now the quest for selecting the right solar panel begins!

Solar Panel Quality

Most solar panels vary according to their efficiency, durability, and cost. Some of the differences between these solar panels will vary according to the panel type, manufacturer, and date of manufacture.

We cannot deny the fact that the solar panel manufacturing industry is a continually evolving in the market. Hence, you must also ensure that your installer must be knowledgeable enough about solar panels.

How Much Power Do You Need?

The minimum wattage of your solar panel is the most important thing that you need to get right. If you underestimate and misvalue the amount of power that you need, you might end up with a disappointing result. (Like you are expecting that your tiny car can pull a big caravan).

On the other hand, overestimating your wattage can also lead you to spend more wattage than you need to.

There are three kinds of stages in the solar powered system.

  • The power storage or the battery
  • The power usage or the items that you want to run using your solar power
  • The power generation or your solar panel

For you to work out your wattage correctly, your solar panel needs to be fixed according to the power that you are going to use. No matter how small or large your battery, it will always be your storage for your solar power. For example, if you don’t have a battery, your solar powered torch will be useless in the dark.

Always remember that for you to maintain your power storage, you need to place a solar panel into your battery with the same amount of power. You don’t always need to consider the size of your array or cell (unless you are sizing a big power supply).

You have all the means to discover all these things. All you need to do is to research. There are lots of reputable sites like GStore that can help you in your solar panel project.


The potential of using a solar panel as a renewable and clean source of energy is bottomless. Thus, installing a solar panel at your home is one of the smartest ways to have a financial investment for your family.

Not all panels are equal when it comes to its durability. Generally speaking, a solar panel that is cheaper won’t produce enough power, not like a higher-quality panel. For you to make a good investment, you’ll need to balance a long-term performance with your initial cost.

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