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5 Industries that Massively Hire Backend Developers

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read December 15, 2021

Backend Developers

Backend developers build the foundation of every website you encounter online. We’ve already looked at how to hire a backend developer, and you may wonder whether you should hire backend developers for your own business and industry.

According to Glassdoor, there are nearly 100,000 job openings for software engineers, which means it’s harder to attract and retain developers than nearly any other field out there. If you are a backend engineer or if you are a company invested in technology, you should read this article.

Industries that like to hire backend developers

Industries that like to hire backend developers

While virtually every site in the world will need a backend developer, some industries will always have vacancies for good backend engineers. Let’s have a look at the industries that like to hire backend engineers.

1. The Tech Industry

It goes without saying that tech companies will always need a diverse group of developers at their beck and call. Some of the biggest names that are currently looking for backend developers for hire include Google, IBM, Retail Business Services, and White Lion Interactive.

These companies make a living by being the best of the best in terms of software solutions. They need backend developers to design, develop, test, maintain and ultimately deploy new and existing software solutions. They also need developers to improve their existing solutions and add new features for users.

Companies like IBM and Retail Business Services that develop and deploy solutions for large clients also focus on cybersecurity in particular, and their backend developers will be tasked with keeping their solutions safe.

2. Retailers

The retail industry employs more software engineers than any other industry. Online shopping is a way of life, and most companies need a real edge to compete with the likes of Amazon. Complex product feeds, and APIs require back-end developers and very specific platform skills.

Retailers want back-end developers that understand the technology and retail customers. While eCommerce will account for the most hires, there are plenty of positions for developers that want to work in logistics or warehousing as well. Retailers are always looking for the edge over the competition, which is why they always need developers.

3. The Healthcare Industry

The pandemic in 2020 really accelerated the need for good developers in the healthcare space. There are clinical applications, analytics, patient portals, and more to develop. Hospitals, consultants, insurance companies, and charity organizations developing mobile medical solutions all need quality back-end developers.

While working in healthcare can really push you into a niche as a developer, the work itself can be incredibly rewarding and professionally challenging because you can really have an impact on others.

4. Government and Defense

Government systems and tech go hand-in-hand. Think of the sheer volume of highly sensitive data that the government-industrial complex collects about its citizens. Analyzing and protecting that data is critical, which is why federal agencies and government contracts are hiring secure software developers with the right portfolio of skills.

It’s not easy working for a government agency because you will need additional certifications and clearances to even enter the field due to the highly sensitive nature of the job.

Fortunately, these agencies have big budgets and are eager to catch up in areas where they have traditionally underinvested. You’ll need to be highly accurate and disciplined to enter the field, but you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to job options after you’ve completed your stint working for the government.

5. Research and Development

Research and development is an exciting field in software development, and there is plenty for backend developers to do. R&D is all about discovery and innovation – a new product or service or an exciting new enhancement or improvement.

If you work as a back-end developer, you may be tasked with pulling off crazy concepts. Maybe you’ll design and develop new products, enhance an existing product, develop new protocols, or improve technologies used for manufacturing processes. If you are an innovative thinker, you may like this specific industry.


It seems like virtually every industry in the world needs to hire backend developers. If you want to hire a team of your own, you have a lot of competition. Make sure that you use an offshoring company you can really trust to find the right team that specializes in your industry and field.

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