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Outsourcing software development – advantages and disadvantages

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

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It is well known that entrepreneurs have been trying to keep up with the new technology and some of them succeeded. For the ones that have no technical training and don’t know how to work with and build apps and other software, there is always the solution of outsourcing it.

Having an app for everything has been the most useful thing in the past few years and has worked wonders when it comes to marketing and friendliness to users. It has both advantages and disadvantages, but at the end of the day, if it helps, it’s great for business. Not having dedicated software for the benefit of your company is a step backward, because people got the taste of the comfort of sitting in front of their computers or other devices to order something or seek for information. In the 21st century having speed in everything helps a lot with saving time, although everybody seems to be more and busier. Maybe that is one of the main reasons people rely most on technology and resolving issues from a distance when possible.


On the advantages side, there is a lot to consider, because they are more than disadvantages and saves you from some headaches. The people that work in the IT field, either in specialized companies or in departments of big companies that don’t necessarily have something to do with technology, are always trying to improve the software they work with and there is a lot of tests they do every day to find and fix bugs in the systems. Especially if you have a small business and you take professional services seriously, you should consider getting help from a company that provides software products and here’s pros and cons list concerning this issue.

1. Saving time

Time is a very sensitive issue nowadays and every minute counts in terms of money and a job well done. Moreover, respecting deadlines is important for the relationship you have with your customers. Here’s where outsourcing can come to the rescue, being one of the most effective time saving tip. Besides, you don’t necessarily need it all the time, so there is no need to hire a specialized team for let’s say a month because the recruiting process can take more than you would have hoped for. Going for outsourcing services that these companies offer saves you the trouble of having to figure out who is and isn’t good enough for the job, because they have skilled personnel required for your needs.

2. Cost saving

It may be a little surprising, but it actually saves you the money you would have to pay if you hire trained specialists yourself on a long run. Probably outsourcing software development seems a little expensive at first, but consider the fact that you won’t have to pay for it for too long and also you don’t have to contribute to the taxes required for extra employees, you don’t have to invest in the required infrastructure and you actually cut some expenses. Besides, you can search for cheaper services offshore if you can’t afford the local ones.

3. Quality of products

Software companies usually go for the best workers in this area and they improve their skills by offering updating training for them from time to time. This way they make sure that their customers are pleased with their top products and there won’t be serious complaints. The eventual bugs will be fixed by them as well because they have a well-established system of testing and solving problems. This will also help you have satisfied and happy customers.

4. Flexibility

You don’t need specific requirements or to fit within a certain period of time to hire a software development company to take care of your needs as a business owner. You can ask for services whenever you need them, for however long you need them concerning any IT linked issue and this gives you more business flexibility as well. Sometimes, when your business goes through a rough patch, it’s even more economical to do so, because it can revive your financial balance.


Everything has ups and downs when it comes to managing your own business and so goes with outsourcing. That is because you can’t possibly have enough control on what happens and the experience may not be as good and fulfilling as you’d expect. For instance, not having technical knowledge and skills may hinder you in knowing what to ask for. Disadvantages are, however, not as obvious and don’t have such a great impact, because you can solve them one way or another.

1. Communication

As specified above, communication between you and the outsource software company can be tricky with all the terms and language may also be a big limitation, if you choose to work with an offshore company. Besides, while we are on this subject, time may differ (because of the time zones). As a solution to this problem, you can talk to them in advance and set an online meeting so you can discuss everything in detail. This way you won’t have to deal with miscommunication.

2. Control over quality

Even though quality is what you look for when you decide on working with an outsourcing software company, you may encounter low standards in professionalism, though usually, that’s not the case. However, the employee that has been assigned to your project may not be as experimented as you’d wish and might have yet a lot to learn. Even so, have a little patience, because sooner or later you will have the thing you asked for. The company may even offer you a discount if you come to this problem.

3. Moral issues

If your business has in-house software department, going to a separate company to seek help may be interpreted as a bit disrespectful to your employees because they might get offended and assume you don’t trust them enough to give them bigger projects. However, if you do not have enough personnel, but a big amount of work to do, paying for extra services that come for another company, may come of help in solving all the tasks in time for tight deadlines.

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