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Main Web Development Challenges

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

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Seven years ago, Wired magazine claimed that the web was dead. And they are complaining and sharing about their poor mobile browsing encounter and rapid extension of mobile app use. Still, 66% of the shopping on mobile devices is done through the web browser, not with the native mobile app or team extension services. This is how web development techniques introduce different techniques and methods.

Moreover, we observe 66% fewer conversions on mobile websites vs. desktops. This brings us to the current topic – the future of web development and the web as a whole. But most of the developers don’t expect revolutionary products like Big Data and AI. So instead, we’ll talk about revolutionary developments which are arriving right now.

5 Main Web Development Challenges

5 Main Web Development Challenges

When you are looking through the history of web development, you will see how the web development techniques are going through the changes. But still, now there are many miles to go.

Here are the five main web development challenges which are commonly faced during the development.

1. Reliability

The web is a constantly growing organism. And like any living organism, it tends to deteriorate and regenerate at the same time. As a result, some web technologies are moving aside, but others are stepping in.

The constant motion of the system requires web developers to stay in touch with the upgrades. For example, Node.js lets developers build JavaScript for web apps and utilize it in back-end development for a single programming language.

On top of that, when you can still use MySQL for developing your database to support your web app, there is already a new technology present called Firebase. 

What is Firebase? Firebase is a cloud-based database which is maintained by Google.  The database is specially engineered for mobile applications and web development.

2. Quick Load

Quick Load

Four seconds loading time is now the absolute maximum. Most websites remain and overlook this recommendation. But if you appear to have a service-based business app, the application loading speed becomes even more valuable.

If we’re talking from a business perspective, it’s vital to make sure that you got a faster page loading exposure than competitors. The good practice of web development is to take the test of the web apps in specific areas where you are suffering from poor, intermittent connectivity.

3. Visual Effects

But it’s not only about the faster loading speed. During web development, developers should give assurances that running animation in their web apps must run fast and smoothly. For example, all immediate actions and visualizations should provide an excellent and smooth experience when you scroll down or up.

The best visual directions, outcomes, and animations are those which help the users with hints and directional information. Like at which direction to scroll the page, what information to copy, whether the function is activated.

4. Security


Basically, any of the new APIs coming out and all websites (no exceptions) are required to have an HTTPS protocol in place. Plus, an SSL certificate for a website. If you happen to have an older API, you should implement HTTPS during web development. 

For example, if you have a geolocation service or a messaging service working through HTTP, you’d better hurry to upgrade it. It won’t cost you more than a couple of days of work in most cases.   

5. Responsiveness

Suppose you develop a mobile web app or mobile website. In that case, you have to five the assurances about the mobile resolution quality, starting from different kinds of mobile devices and ending with 4k TVs.

In summary, the future of web development requires being reliable, fast, engaging, and secure. And the core of this is making sure that your users have a good experience, which will make users come back to your business.


Web development is not an easy task. As the digital trends are introducing multiple types of new technology and trends, security will be an issue. As a result, along with the design and the user’s satisfaction, the developers have to give special attention to the backend database security. So the web development work is becoming more complicated day by day. These are the five challenging areas assigned the tough assignments for the developers.

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