Taylor Swift was spotted at the Jersey shore with her two friends, Channing Tatum and Zoe Krativz. Her long-term friend Jack Antonoff is set to get married to Margeret Qualley over this weekend.

Taylor's look at that time was tremendously stunning, with a strapless black crop top and a matching black skirt. She had worn golden tresses tied back and accessorized with her gorgeous black purse.

Ed Sheeran was spotted at that long beach Island on Friday, heading to the prospective festivities. Some romance rumors were spread of Antonoff with Qualley in the year 2021. Later they were photographed on some PDAs on the streets of New York City.

Many locals have posted pictures of such new big celebrities along with Taylor Swift tonight. She walked into the popular restaurant Black Whale in Beach Heaven as per the information on tapinot.net. She even explored a lot of restaurants as long as beach islands had to offer.

Based on the information of Daily Beasts, “After locals spotted the “Cruel Summer” singer walking into the venue, word quickly spread and crowds of people gathered, with some of them reportedly chanting her name and trying to get a glimpse. Footage from the scene showed absolute pandemonium, with police on scene trying to direct traffic as the mob of Swift fans took over the roads.”

The restaurant's balcony was later forced to close with curtains, and an angry response from the crowd outside appeared. The marriage ceremony of Swift's producer is reportedly going to be held on Saturday.

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