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Mandy Moore Reveals That Her Son Gus Has A Rare Skin Condition  

author-img By priyanjana kar 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Mandy Moore's son Skin Condition

Mandy Moore, the singer-songwriter and actor, reveals that her two years old son is having health issues. The singer on 28th July posted a picture of her son in her Insta story that shows red rashes on his body. The story also mentions some insights about the condition her son has been diagnosed with.

The ‘Candy’ singer reveals that her son has a skin condition that is rare called Gianotti Crosti Syndrome. The singer captioned the picture with, “This sweet boy woke up with a crazy rash on Saturday morning. We thought maybe an eczema flare? Poison oak? Allergy?”

She adds, “We tried to deduce what it could be and did anything to help him find relief from the itch. Went to urgent care. Pediatrician. Dermatologist. pediatric dermatologist. All the while, he smiles and carries on with his day like the rockstar he is.”

She continues, “Turns out it’s a viral childhood rash that just spontaneously appears called Gianotti Crosti syndrome. It sometimes accompanies a cold but not in Gus’ case. It’s all over his legs and feet and the backs of his arms but nowhere else. There’s nothing to do but a steroid cream and Benadryl at night. And it could last 6-8 weeks.”

According to the National Institute of Health, this Gianotti Crosti syndrome is “a rare childhood skin condition characterized by a papular rash with blisters on the skin of the legs, buttocks, and arms.” This skin condition can last for 10 days to several weeks described by Moore.

Moore concluded her post by saying, “This parenting thing is weird and hard and sometimes you feel so helpless (and yes I’m ever so grateful it’s only an itchy skin condition). Kids are resilient and as long as he’s smiling through it, we are a-okay.”The actress tied the knot with Taylor Goldsmith in 2018 and has two sons with him. The eldest, August “Gus” Harrison born in 2021 and Oscar “Ozzie” Bennett Goldsmith born in 2022.

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