Selma Blair is an inspiration, especially after her latest stint in the fashion industry; she proved that nothing is impossible for her! With good friend Isaac Mizrahi, Blair is launching a clothing collection with QVC, accessible on 6th October.

Selma Blair has done it all as an actress, author, advocate, beauty brand creative director, dancer at Dancing with the Stars on Disney Plus and now a fashion designer. Even after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2018, she works like a rockstar.

The condition of sclerosis impacts some of the physical movements and mobility of Blair! She needs to manage and adapt to her clothing because of her disabilities. She wanted to create a clothing line to help with disabilities and non-disabilities.

She has been aiming for collaboration for the longest time because she needs to support people suffering from disabilities and wants to create inclusive clothing. In an interview with PEOPLE, the Hellboy actress claimed that the idea came to her when she ran into Mizahi in a restaurant in New York City.

Over the years, Blair has known the designer Isaac Mizrahi for many decades, wearing his design on red carpets. He worked with her at the CFDA Awards, inspiring an orange, pink, and red color-blocked dress in 2004.

The designer has known the actress for a long time, and during her diagnosis of MS, he wanted to help her and make her life a little better. The disability of the patients suffering from MS has been considered in this clothing line as the designer, along with Blair, tries to make clothing more accessible.

Her perseverance has not gone unnoticed as Mizrahi informs that he has seen her struggle and adapt with clothing because of some of her challenges. Women are her audience, as Blair wanted to incorporate clothing that will be comfortable with soft textiles and washability.

QVC is one of the best partners to have when developing clothing lines to help women with accessibility issues! They also make the clothing more affordable. Hence, it is a perfect partnership.

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