For weeks, insinuations against former President Barack Obama have constantly been made by current candidate and former President Donald Trump. According to Trump, Obama is the boss of the current President, Joe Biden, and still controls the White House.

In different speeches that he is making throughout his presidential campaign for the 2024 election, he has been hinting that the current president, Joe Biden, does not even know what is happening in his presidency. Trump has indicated the incompetence of Biden as he operates based on what the people surrounding him tell him to!

In the speech on Monday addressing his audience in New Hampshire, Trump clearly stated that it is Barack Hussein Obama who is still in control of the White House. This is a conspiracy theory, further encouraged by the video of Obama appearing on a late-night television show in 2020.

There was a video where he stated that in an ideal world, he would do a stand-in with an earpiece and run the world while staying out of the spotlight. During Biden’s presidential campaign, the relationship between Obama and Biden was shown as a “bromance.” However, that was not the case later during the presidency of Biden.

In one of Trump’s speeches in his Iowa campaign on 1 October, he hinted that the people surrounding President Biden are the decision-makers for the country. The taskmasters work in the background while Biden sits on the chair and does their bidding.

About the then House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, who was managing the budget negotiations, Trump they hinted that these kinds of responsibilities of budget negotiations should be handled by the president instead of the people around him.

The 2024 presidential candidate spoke with Kevin McCarthy, who said that President Biden was not a president, especially when other people are managing on his behalf. Questioning the actions of Biden as a president is a constant in most of his addresses to the public! Trump is probably using Obama’s name to attract more attention to his candidacy campaign for the 2024 election, with Obama having an approval rating of 69%.

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