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What Business Owners Need to Know About Content Moderation

author-img By Sumona 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Content Moderation

In today’s digital world, professional content is key in marketing and interacting with communities. Businesses must have a creative way of screening content posted on their online platforms.

This will help them build an online community or audience that adheres to their content moderation policies and terms.

If members post or share inappropriate information, their messages are blocked and removed from the platforms. 

What is Content Moderation, and Why is It Important?

In simple words, content moderation is the screening of inappropriate content and behaviors that users or members of an online community post or show on a platform, and appropriate action is taken against guilty members.

In most cases, inappropriate content is flagged and removed from the platform so that other members of the community don’t see it.

Further action can be taken against the person who posted it. Some companies remove such users and block them from posting or accessing the platform.

Content moderation is essential in protecting a business or brand’s reputation. If a company allows people to post disturbing or offensive content on its platforms, its reputation can be damaged, and it will likely lose customers and revenues as a result.

Building a reputation is a costly and lengthy process. Therefore, businesses should have AI content moderation programs or other methods to screen and remove all inappropriate content posted on their online platforms. 

Types of Content Moderation Available to Businesses

There are several types of content moderation available today. These methods are available at different price tags, and their effectiveness varies. Here are four types commonly used.

1. Human Moderators –

In this type, businesses and organizations hire people to review user-generated content posted on their platforms. The team identifies banned words and behaviors and takes appropriate action. However, this method is slow and offensive content can go viral before action is taken.

2. Keyword/ RegEx Lists –

In this method, organizations and companies have a reference list of banned words, IP addresses, emails, or expressions. Content matching what is in the filtering system is removed or flagged.

The method is challenging to work with and requires regular updates, and must be managed manually. The system is unable to read the context, and it is hard to identify inappropriate behaviors like cyberbullying.

3. User Reporting –

Here, users of a platform are given an opportunity to report disruptive or toxic behaviors. The business or organization sets up a system where users can report banned behaviors. Users can also take action to dilute the effects of the posts or behaviors.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Content Moderation –

AI content moderation is the latest and most effective method of moderating content on different online platforms. It is a system or program that can read contextual cues to identify and respond to banned behaviors or content in real-time.

If one chooses an advanced AI content moderation program or solution, it will be easy to detect sophisticated behaviors like hate speech, harassment, sexual content, and other behaviors not easily detected by normal programs.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Content Moderation Company

Many companies are offering content moderation services. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a content moderation company.

1. Know the moderation method they are using –

Companies use different moderation methods. It is advisable to work with a company using the AI content moderation method.

This method is more accurate and can detect behaviors other methods can’t detect in real-time. With such a program, business owners and managers can rest easy knowing that inappropriate content and behaviors are detected on their online platforms.

Appropriate action is taken to protect the company’s reputation and other online users. Additionally, consider a company with an AI moderation program that is multi-language enabled to protect users in all languages and regions.

2. Pricing –

Companies offer content moderation services at different prices. Some companies ask for high prices, while others are reasonable.

People can also find companies asking for amazingly low prices. Managers and CEOs should consider providers offering reliable content moderation services at reasonable prices. Companies offering these services at amazingly low prices should be avoided.

They might be using unreliable and ineffective methods that can’t detect and stop disruptive behaviors in the online community.

3. Check reputation

One should read what past customers say about the company’s content moderation service. If past customers are happy and satisfied with their services, the company can be trusted.

However, if they are unhappy and have too many complaints, the company should not be trusted easily.

Reading the customer reviews on their websites and social media platforms can give insights on whether to hire a company or not. It is advisable to go for companies with many positive reviews.

4. Target industries –

Some companies help businesses and organizations in certain industries or sectors. Choose a company covering different industries. A content moderation service provider focusing on dating, gaming, marketplaces, and social platforms is a better option.

5. Type of content a company screens –

Some companies screen and moderate comments and posts on social media platforms. Others screen different content across all interactions. It is advisable to work with a content moderation company that screens videos, live chats, social media comments, images, text on images, audios, and more across all online platforms.

A company that only screens texts cannot be helpful as users exchange different content types online, and some are disruptive or offensive, which must be detected and stopped.

6. Languages covered

The world has become a global village thanks to the internet. Online users from different regions can post on a platform using different languages.

If a company is using a content moderation method that does not support multiple languages, it will be hard to detect and remove some inappropriate content in foreign languages. Therefore, businesses should consider a company using a program that can detect multiple languages and take appropriate action in real-time.

Content moderation is not an easy task. Managers and people who want to moderate content shared across all their online interaction platforms should choose a company using AI content moderation.

This is the most accurate and effective method of screening and stopping disruptive behaviors online in real-time. With such a content moderation solution, it will be easy to protect online users and build a happier online community. 


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